Friday, February 19, 2016

30 day detox: Day 1

So I am tired of feeling sluggish, bloated, and just over all kinda crappy. Working out helps to an extent. Cutting out soda was a good idea. Drinking more water sure didn't hurt my body any. But still I ended up feeling bloated more often than I liked.

So after discussing it with Dustin we are taking on a new journey. He asked I dot share this on my Facebook, so it will only be discussed here and Twitter where only close friends will be following along. Starting today we are cutting out any fast food, along with majorly processed foods, and we both went to Complete Nutrition and worked out what we needed to really start feeling better!!

We both wanna trim down and start putting on muscles by lifting together!! They hooked us up with starting out on a detox together. They suggested that it would give us a boost start to reaching our goals, gotta get rid of the bad in our body rather than just putting I good.

So this is day one on our supplements; I got The Slim Kit for her by Muscle Sports. So far I take the detox pills before bed, and the metabolism booster in the morning. They are all natural supplement and don't require any drastic dieting. Rather we are adding meals, increasing veggie and protein intake, and lots more water.

So how do I feel day 1? Gross. As my body loosens up the toxins that have been settled into my system they seem to come in waves of feeling nauseated and feeling great!! I defiantly slept better last night which is great!! But have had points today i was sure I was going to die and wanted to quit already!! But I'm gonna give it the benefit and push through!! Will check back in tomorrow!! If you found this and wanna keep following. Just click the follow button and I think you can get emails when I post blogs. Also find me on Twitter I check in at least once a day!!!

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