Sunday, February 21, 2016

30 day detox: Day 3

So proud of us today!! We are making better food choices and I can already tell how much happier my body is. I decided to go back to drinking my detox tea rather than the pills today because I didn't wanna feel awful during my newborn session!! 

We went grocery shopping and I'm proud to say most of our groceries are either produce or meat!! It's turning out great!! We had taco stuffed bell peppers!! I'm gonna probably post a recipe tonight too!!

But we managed to go without any sugar packed snacks, fast food (we were tempted to before grocery shopping but opted for lunch options at Applebee's and kept our meals in the healthy section) or sodas!! So far we are really enjoying letting our bodies get back to healthy eating, can't wait to see what other fun recipes we try out this month!! If they are winners we will share them!!

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