Tuesday, February 23, 2016

30 day detox: Day 5

So loving clean eating with Dustin actually being involved!! He is enjoying it as much as I am!! We had the yummiest Salmon and veggies for dinner last night!! And then powered through a quick legs day HIIT!! It was fast but painful!! And we ended the night with some protein shakes made with skim milk and ice and bananas!! It was really filling and tasty!!

And we have kept up with the breakfast first thing in the morning this morning we had Egg and Avacado Sandwiches they were so good!

Lunch we made smoothies and now it's almost time for a protein filled snack!! I'm thinking peanut butter and honey sandwiches!! Having a rough day with exercise because it's crazy windy out!! But went to the store and found a couple yoga videos to try out!! So that is the workout for today!! 

I didn't think kicking the junk to the curb would be so easy!!! Chicken Chili for dinner tonight!!

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