Wednesday, February 24, 2016

30 day detox: Day 6

Oh man we are almost a week in and I don't want to ever look back. Sure some fast food snacks sound amazing!! And we have concluded one cheat MEAL, not day, will happen once a week. One meal won't break us, just like one day of workouts won't make you fit.

Last night we did some yoga to stretch out after leg day and still get our heart rates up a bit!! After our workout we sat and drank water and talked. Dustin is really happy with the progress and the fact he really cares about eating healthier this go around. I'm loving the variety when it comes to cooking meals getting to try new things!!

Tonight is my favorite thing to workout, because I have seen the most progress on arms!!

Can't wait for them to get even bigger!! And for my core and legs to catch up more, I used to love my abs so one day I will get back there.

Tomorrow without telling you where we started I will tell you how much inches and lbs we lost!! Maybe share progress pictures if they are worth sharing!!

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