Friday, February 26, 2016

30 Day Detox: Day 8

So today was an interesting day!! I made it my ultimate goal to reach my step goal, and it took a long walk pushing the double stroller to do it!! But either way I reached my goal and then some!! Today we tried Almond butter and it's rather tasty, idk why we hadn't tried it before, Dustin and I are really enjoying trying new things out and all the things that are good for you but still taste really good!!

After a busy long day, I cleaned my entire house today!! I wasn't really in the mood to clean anymore. So we went out for dinner. We had heard of this healthy food place across town so we headed out, however we were disappointed to find out it's more of a food prep service then a place to we left and stopped at Firehouse subs where we grabbed 500 calorie subs. I love their subs so tasty!! And came home and had a protein shake to fill us the rest of the way up!! 

We are planning on having a very active and enjoyable weekend, and we are also going to indulge in our first cheat meal, which freaks me out a little even tho I know one meal won't make or break you.

We are going to do a more strict diet starting Monday but just for 3 days, it's gonna be the hardest part, and it's just as the final push before Dustin gets taped Thursday!! Hopefully it will help him...we shall see come Thursday!!!

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