Saturday, February 27, 2016

30 day detox: Days 9 and 10

So today we decided to make our one day a week where we have a cheat meal. I got fish tacos and Dustin got a burrito bowl...haha both ended up being from the healthier choices on the menu but sounded so good. Our real cheat was the chips and quest before hand. We didn't even have soda or dessert!! I was actually really proud of us for being able to "cheat" but still be reasonable!! 

I still managed to get my 8000 steps today, even tho I thought I was far less active than I was. 

Today was a little rough for us over all, we got s super late start to our day, and didn't eat exceptionally well throughout the day!! We did get lots of walking done at IKEA, and had a very protein packed dinner!! 

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