Tuesday, March 1, 2016

30 day detox: Days 11 and 12

I have to say today was supposed to go well, we had plans to start the 3 day military diet to help Dustin get ready for his tape test Thursday, it claims in just 3 days you can loose up to 10 lbs. and we were gonna get our weeks worth of groceries this morning since Dustin was scheduled to work a later shift!! However, he came home after PT to tell me he had been changed back to his regular schedule....so no groceries, which is a major problem since we didn't have anything to eat for lunch really. 

So at lunch we made shakes and replaced the meal which works out fine. But unfortunately we couldn't start the diet because we didn't exactly have the stuff we needed to follow the diet, but maybe sometime during thhis 30 day detox we will try to do it, could be interesting! Well we grabbed salads from Panera for dinner on our way to get groceries!! We ended up with only half salads, which after almost 2 weeks of clean eating is actually enough for a meal, now that our stomachs are used to eating less more often instead of more less often!! And we loaded up on almost exclusively fruit veggies and meat this trip!! Aside from some kids snacks!!!

Today started off busy, but I still managed to have Greek yogurt and grab a coffee with protein powder to go on our way out the door for an appointment!! And come lunch time I didn't have a huge appetite and decided to just have a piece of toast with almond butter and honey!!

Another scale victory this week!! One more pound down!! That's a total of 4 in two weeks...however hopefully Thursday will be good proof of that!!

Went for a long 2 mile walk pushing a stroller that with both kids probably weights like 80 lbs!! It was a hard walk, but great cardio!! Feeling good, tonight we are having mushroom and broccoli casserole yummy veggies!! And another dog walk probably before bed!! 

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