Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alone on your Anniversary

Wow. The saying runs true. Time Flys when your having fun. I can hardly believe that just a year ago today me and the greatest man alive awkwardly walked through the dark and really kinda creepy parking garage of the Honolulu Courthouse. Surrounded by friends and laughing our way to the Judge's courtroom. We nervously signed the papers knowing that this was it we were going to be an official couple. As he took my hands looked down into my eyes and said I do. My eyes began to water, I never expected the moment to be so perfect and couldn't have imagined such a great man to be standing across from me. Now it was my turn, my voice cracked and tears swell up in my eyes. "I DO." That was it. We finally made it, we are married.....HE IS MY HUSBAND!!!!! Far from traditional and Defiantly not the dream wedding I had envisioned since I was very young but I learned that day that none of that is what matters. What matters is the who, and the what. Who: Dustin. What: Married me. The setting only leaves visual memories but the concept never changes.

We made it through the first year. We had our ups and downs, and a couple quite frankly silly little bumps along the way. But really its been smooth sailing. I think when you marry your best friend that's to be expected. People make look at us and say we are adorable. And ask how we make it so easy but they really need to know, that it is NOT easy. Being married is a challenge almost everyday. Specifically being married military.

We spend alot of our time apart and really truly learn to appreciate each other more and more each day. On days that we don't get to talk I go to bed worrying and praying about his safety. Just to find out a night later that...."i was playing Dungeons and Dragons with the boys". Even tho this is normally the case being an Army wife will always lead to unnecessary stress.

Today marks our first Anniversary. And like everything this coming year, I'll be spending it alone. This saddens me but I know its part of the job description. Sad as I may be here I know its probably hurting him worse there. For his mind has more than once skid past the words: "my fault she is alone today". And never would I blame him. I woke up this morning and was delivered some of the MOST BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS EVER!!! He even managed to get an arrangement that had both daisies, and Iris. It really made my day that he would rememeber my favorite flowers! Now tonight I get to sit down at a table, with real flowers, candles, and a picture of my handsome husband. It may not seem like much to some people. But to me that date is as close as I can get to the real thing :D

So even thousands of miles away today. We celebrate together in harmony as a great couple. And hopefully when he looks at the moon tonight he will think about the fact that the moon will be the same here tonight also!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Power or Words

Words:A sound or a combination of sounds, or its representation in writing or printing, that symbolizes and communicates a meaning and may consist of a single morpheme or of a combination of morphemes.

What a complex definition for something we uses Millions of times a day. When broken down like that it seems like words are just a science, something that means very little yet ALOT at the same time. But really its sooooo much more complex than that.

For instance one word can have more than one meaning. Or said in a different tone a word that is generally an endearing and nice word, can come off sarcastic and rude. Also when words are put in a sentance, the arrangement of them can mean different things.

So it should come at no surprise that something so SIMPLE, can mean so much to a person. I have learned that the power of words can make or break someones day. For instance when my husband is down and depressed all it takes is a simple letter from me telling him just how much he means to me to cheer him up. Or a few words of encouragement can get him over a challenging hump in his job.

So what I hope is that everyone does what they can to help make peoples' days better when they can see that someone is having a hard time. You never know just how powerful your words could be to that person. It may be the exact thing they needed to keep them from having a breakdown!! Just keep Karma in mind, if you are an open and helping soul good things will come back to you!!!

UNDER 300 days left!! WOOT WOOT!!! 2.5 months down Thank goodness!!