Monday, March 30, 2015

Working out like a beast: 1 month

So a month has passed, and I have to admit I didn't stay working out as frequent as I wanted to, but for the largest part of the month we have eaten at home and eaten very healthy!! We obviously have had our moments where we cheated but I feel like we have made a lifestyle change.

Here is my 1 month photo results:

And here is the new inch measurements: 

Belly: 40inches starting; 38 inches currently
I lost 2 inches here and I think that is obvious.

Butt:43.5 inches starting; 42.5 inches currently
1 inch off here think I need to do more squats lol

Thighs:23.5 inches starting; 23 inches currently
Half inch not huge but still progress!! 

After one month down a total of 3.5 inches that's pretty awesome!!

I can't wait to keep up with it and hopefully as I adjust more to the kids schedule, and the weather gets warmer that I will become more active and make even more progress towards the muscles I am trying to achieve!!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Resolution Progress 2015: 3 months!

Give Birth to a Happy Healthy baby Boy: Mission accomplished!!!!

Blog 3x a week: So far I have been doing good with this one :D and have actually been posting on most days!!

Get back in Shape: Weight is still not my goal, but my core is getting back to normal again which is nice!!

Move and settle into Texas: 8 weeks away still.

Do 24 shoots: I have done 4 this year already!! Which is way less than normal. But I do think I will be able to accomplish the last 20 before the end of the year.

Have a substantial Savings by December.

52 week Challenge: I haven't managed to keep up with it EVERY week, but I have gotten quite a few of them done.

Get organized and declutter:  We have managed to declutter a few areas of the house, and sell somethings. I know I am procrastinating on making anymore progress here until we have orders, and until we are almost out of the house...can't put it off too much longer.

Memory Jar: I think we tend to forget to do this far more often than we want to. We do have a few slips in there tho :D

I love my resolutions this year, even though they are not very detailed or really ways to show progress, but I do have to say with 3 months passed already this year, I feel like we are having a great year and can't wait for this big move that is all I think about and talk about like nonstop.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Textures { 52 WEEKS CHALLENGE}

Just some little fingers learning about the texture of paint for the first time!!

The one with Kyra's birthday

OBoy was this week, a test to my patience. With 3 year oldness appearantly come back talking, and the inability to listen. Although we had some fun moments there was probably 2xs as many stressful ones.

Monday: We just hung out around the house and did a lot of dancing!! Even Shade got in on the fun with her pretty tutu that Grandma sent her!! And of course the usual cleaning that has to happen after the weekend!

Tuesday: This was the day I had too much. We really didn't do anything all day but Kyra was feisty, and Darren was just not in a good mood. I felt like I spent the entire day constantly telling her no, and putting her in time out with out her listening to a word I said. I knew I was letting it stress me out but I couldn't seem to calm my nerves. Around 630 Darren was screaming and walking, feeding, changing a diaper etc wasn't helping. And since I was paying so much attention Kyra started screaming as loud as she could. I couldn't take it and started crying too!! Needless to say it was a rough night and I went to bed when Dustin got home.

Wednesday: Kyras birthday, I can't believe she is 3 it went fast. I am sure everyone says that but it really has!! She is such a smart little stinker!! I am plannin on doing another short blog about the fun stuff we did to celebrate her birthday!!  Along with the 3 year old pictures I am taking of her.

Thursday: We had a chill day Thursday for the most part. We did have to take Kyra to her 3 year old dr appointment. Where we found out she is of sound health. She is somewhere in the 50's for weight and 27% for height so a shorty, but has grown properly since last year!! Than after a minor meltdown in the clinic we were home until we were to pick up Dustin. But due to a miscommunication after telling him Kyra woke up with an ear ache, he ended up getting a ride home while we were on base trying to find him. Fun stuff right here. Luckly whatever was hurting Kyra stopped and although her and Darren both have colds, which are spreading to Dustin and I, she is feeling better.

Friday: Nothing of any interest happened on Friday. Dustin got home early and we ran to base to grab the mail, but that was all.

Saturday: We took Kyra to this really cool pool we found in Frankfurt that has a wave pools, slides, and a lazy river!! It was cheap not crowded and super cool. Unfortunately it was also cold, so we didn't get to play in all the fun places becaus poor Darren wouldn't have done well!! But they had a really cool kids room too and Kyra had a blast!!! We had the water camera but left it in the bag in the locker :(

Monday, March 23, 2015

Darren is 2 months old!!

Oh baby boy, you are growing so fast. It is really hard to believe that 2 months has passed already. And you have grown so much since than!!!

Nicknames: Bubba, Dare, Buddy

Clothing Size: Still fits into a few 3-6 tops but getting really close to going into 6-9. And 3-6 pants.

Personality: Oh man have you recently came out of your shell more. You are always smiling and such a happy man unless you are hungry!! Most expressive little guy!!

Things I Could Do Without:  When you are really tired you fill your mouth up nursing than spit it all out all over me.

Item/Toy We Love The Most: BabyHawk Carrier, Boppy Lounge

Item/Toy You Love The Most: Blue Monkey

Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: Your big smiles and giggles, in the mornings when you do floor time happily, watching you watch Kyra play!

Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: Mom talking to you, going on walks, and hugs from Kyra even if they are a bit agressive!!

Prepping for the move: 70 days to go!

When I set out writing this new section for the blog I really thought every 10 days would be a good time difference between each blog, but here we are 20 days since I started out and still no new news. We are watching the days until we have to be out of here fly past. and yet somehow NO progress is being made. I still have lots of lists made, waiting to be checked off. We have sold more things and are slowly getting rid of the excess so we don't have to drag it along.

In these 10 days coming I am hoping still to get orders. But we also need to get Shade to the Vet to make sure she is up to date on shot and ready to go as most shots need to be done at least 60 days out. Except the check up that has to be done within the 10 days before travel. This is all IF Dustin decides to let us keep her. She has been a lot of trouble lately including growling and biting Kyra. So we aren't sure what we are going to do as re-homing may not be all that easy.

Wish I had more to report in with and I am sure as soon as those orders come in we will be running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get everything done in a matter of a few weeks no doubt. Gotta love the Army.

The one with my Birthday!!

So I have decided this week I am going to write my blog as if go because come Sunday when I go to write it I feel like the beginning of the week is all just a blur. I try to use my calender, facebook posts, and pictures on the iPad to remember what we did but can hardly remember so this way you'll get more exciting story of our week!!

Monday: Dustin had the day off, and we originally planned to go on another adventure somewhere. But Sunday night we had listed some things to sell online and so instead we spent the day waiting for people to pick things up. And than hit up the store for a pie for Dustin to take to a work thing. Of course as what always seems to happen we got what we needed and left with a few other things too, however not too much more. I just fed my tea addiction a little! Than we took Kyra to the park to enjoy the sunshine!! Not a very eventful day but we enjoyed some nice family time!!

Darren's first St Patrick's Day!!

Tuesday: We started out dressed all in green, and Kyra enjoyed some green milk with her cereal!! Had a great morning, even managed to get most the house picked back up after the long weekend. Than after nap Jenn came back over to chat for a while. Always an nice way to spend my afternoon!! It was after she left that the kids turned into monsters. Haha okay not really they are both sweet but both had poopy messes for me to clean up! I survived tho and well seeing as my white shirt remained white!! Today it became very appearantly that Darren was starting his second leap week. Which means more nursing, more needy, less sound naps etc. He is learning about patterns this time, and also learning how to control his body, both of which are very stressful and exciting for him!

Wednesday: Woke up early and got the omelet roll up I had been wanting to try made for Brunch for MOPS. Got everyone dressed and ready to go, than we headed to MOPS! I love going to MOPS it always makes me feel like an adult!! I can't wait to join the MOPS group in Texas as a way to meet women of like mind, even tho I have to pay for it there. After MOPS we came home to have some sandwiches for lunch, and take naps. In the afternoon we headed to a little work BBQ. Kyra had a great time with the other kids running around, and we headed home for bed. Oh did I mention it was my birthday.

Thursday: We had a relaxed morning. And mommy got to do her makeup and feel pretty!! Than we headed downtown for my 6 weeks appointment (really 8 weeks tho) but everything is healed great!! We swung into Vapianos for a delicious lunch than it was home again home again for naps!!! They were later in the day and we managed to sleep until 5 at night guess everyone was worn out from the activity downtown.

Friday: Finally home for another lazy day. Everyone got to hang out and play all morning. And my happy little boy finally giggled at mommy!! It was so sweet. Than naptime came at the usual time and chores got caught up on from the busy week!! Just lots of chilling out, before I have a super busy weekend with photo-shoots and other things going on!!

Saturday: After 3 weeks of eating entirely clean, and behaving well. We decided since it's the weekend between Kyra and I's Birthday, the start of another month of extra pt for Dustin, and just cuz we needed the break, that we would take this weekend and eat what we want! But starting Monday we will be right back to working out and eating clean!! Hard not to when that's all you buy and put in your refrigerator! Had a fun photoshoot that ended up mostly walking and talking with Melanie!! Got crepes, and fresh juice at the Easter market, and went grocery shopping in German Stores!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Its Spring Time!!

Tomorrow is finally the first day of Spring and strangely here in Germany, after having a few days of extremely nice spring weather, it is going to be chilly this weekend. So we worked on our first day of Spring craft earlier this week, and went out on my Birthday to take pictures of the kiddos in the beautiful sunshine.

So here is our craft....Uh so this didn't work out like we had hoped. Kyra had fun painting anyways. But we soon found out that Tempra paint although great for canvas, and for paper, not as good for slippery cardboard. And as it dried it simply peeled off. We were aiming to paint the whole box, than we were going to add eyes and cut some holes to make it a bird feeder.

And here are the pictures. I didn't do any editing so they aren't cropped right etc. But they are cute and I wanted to share them with you who read my blog. Everyone else will have to wait until I post them on Facebook probably sometime next week!

Dustin took this one :D

Haha he sure doesnt look like a 2 month old in comparison to a 3 year old LOL

May be my all time favorite picture!!

Daddy torturing our little girly girl!

Kyra was being super brave!!