Sunday, March 1, 2015

The one with the first leap week

Well this week just seemed to drag on forever like I seriously thought it was never going to end. Probably due to the fact that each day had an added 2 hours of Dustin being gone, and that will remain that way for another 3 thrilled it's amazing how much those extra two hours can stress you out and wear you down. But regardless that is life, and we will survive.

But the extra time isn't all that has made the week long, we had appointments, and lots of things going on.

Monday: This was my brave day, it was my first time leaving the house alone with both kids. I also managed to sleep until 8 which was bad planning, seeing as playgroup is at 9. So I rushed to get two kids ready, fed, out the door and to playgroup and still not look like death in the process. To top it off we got a freak snowstorm and it snowed most the day unexpectedly! So due to the fact this base has no parking anywhere I had to carry Darren in his car seat over two blocks. That boy is a chunk!! But playgroup was great!! We had a good time making a few time management related crafts including a clock, and an ice cream cone chore chart! After play group I had a meal to make for a friend who just had her baby boy, but not thinking ahead I didn't get the ingredients on Sunday like I should have, so I got to do the adventure that is taking two kids to a grocery store alone for the first time too!! And you know what? Kyra pushed the cart, Darren rode in the BabyHawk Carrier on mom and slept the whole way, it ended up working out great!! I even managed to go home after and get both kids down for a nap at the same time!! So the meal got cooked and we walked it down the street to them on time!! I was so proud of us!! We also managed to load back up later and go pick up Dustin after the gym!

Tuesday: We had an appointment to get Darren's Passport picture taken. The picture is too darn cute I have to say!! We ran into the passport office hoping they could squeeze us in after calling for days and no one answering to schedule an appointment. But instead they scheduled us for the next day...yay means we get to go out yet again!!

Wednesday: After enjoying the morning at home and taking a quick nap we were off to apply for the passport and birth abroad again. So annoying how quick the process is after all the pain of collecting the paperwork and making an appointment. It literally took us like 15 mins. Ran a few dishes back to people we had from the meal train, grabbed a few breakfast and lunch items to get us grouch the rest of the week!

Thursday: Was such an uneventful just hanging out day. We took a few pictures to play with my new soft box lights but that is all really. That is until I remembered at 3 that my friend Melanie was coming over to hang out. I knew this a week in advanced and totally spaced it out. So I raced to pick up the house, while holding a screaming baby and the other child productively managed to do the opposite of clean. This is where the title of this blog comes from. I was introduced to this book/app called Wonder Weeks by a friend when Kyra was about 18 months old. At the time I found it interesting but never really looked into it as she was about out of age groups they focus on. But when Darren started fussing for no appearant reason this week, and I grabbed Google to see what might be going on it was brought back up to me, and it strangely showed that Darren had just entered his first Leap Weak. According to the book babies go through a few of them the first 2 years of their lives where they really learn something new, and it may make them cranky and they want extra comforting from their parents to help them get through it! Very interesting you should really look into it if you have little babies!!

Friday: Finally a day to stay home!! We litterally didn't do anything all day just hung out and played in e living room!! I got my daily chores done, and cooked dinner that was all.

Saturday: We woke up when Kyra did grabbed quick breakfast and got everyone ready for the day. Than headed out for Koln! But that in itself will be its own blog!!

Sunday: We headed out around 11:30 with intentions of getting our weeks worth of groceries but pulled into the parking lot and noticed it more packed than normal and decided that is gonna wait until tomorrow, that commissary sucks on regular days, but even more so on busy ones!!

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