Sunday, March 1, 2015

Prepping for the move: 90 days to go

Can hardly believe we have that short of a countdown before yet another big overseas move. And this time we have three little creatures traveling with us!! Which will no doubt get even more complicated!! The scariest part about this is with only 90 days until we leave we only have like 58 of those as work days to get stuff done!!

If you know anything about the Army that is really not a lot considering how much we have to do before we can leave. And seeing as we don't have official orders with all 4 of us on them stating we are to report to Texas yet, it will no doubt come down to a rush in the end to get it all done!! Here's to hoping orders come soon. I will be writing these pcs blogs every couple weeks as we countdown to the big day.

Things we are working on right now? Getting Darren command sponsored, getting the pcs packet finished, getting all our dr appts up to date, downsizing stuff and selling what we can, and trying to help Kyra understand what is coming up by talking about Texas and moving!! I have no doubt time is going to fly past. Specially since our weekends go by in a breeze trying to see as many new places as we can before we can't see Europe anymore!!

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