Friday, December 31, 2010


Haha so instead of posting goals and things I wanna do I'm just gonna do a flash back of the past new years!!

Starting with Junior year, the year that my older sister curropted my poor soul. Haha after leaving my work Christmas party, I headed to Scottsbluff to meet my sister at her Boyfriends house. And boy did that night become a crazy one. We had to wait for the alcohal to get there so didnt start drinking til about 11:30. So of course we drank ALOT and FAST!! And were all very drunk by Midnight!!! Amber started pucking, and was in the bedroom the rest of the night. At midnight Long December was playing on the radio over and over, because one of our friends says that it should be played EVERY new years, I wonder if he still has that tradition or not? And I got a kiss from a cute guy named Brett. Who we were pretty sure was gay and since has come out hahah fail. From than on all I remember is sitting in a chair watching everyone enjoy their night. When the world started turning and I litterally crawled across the room into the bathroom and that was GAME OVER. I woke up the next morning in the basement on the couch.

Than it was Senior Year. I was a year older and a year wiser. I spent the afternoon and beginning of the night with Ang and Tiff we were cruising and hanging out with Angie's than Boyfriend Nate. Haha we had bought a few Smirnoff drink and were watching movies in his basement. Haha I set my drink down on his bed that day and knocked it over...I never told him, just covered it up with his comforter hahaha... Than around 11:30 Tiff who had had ALOT MORE than Angie or myself starting saying she HAD to see her sister for Midnight. So we drove her into town to another Nates house where her sister was. After standing around there for the half hour in a house full of people i dont really care for, she hugged her sister and we left. I was completly sober as I had only drank 1 drink the entire time so me and Ang tooke what was left of the 2 six packs of Smirnoff and stuck them in the Trunk and drove home with a drunk Tiff in the back. When we got home we snuck in the beer through the basement window and came in the front door Tiffany leading the way. My mom was sleeping on the couch and sat up when we came in. And Tiffs drunk ass almost fell over cuz she scared her. We went downstairs and watched movies and did girly things til we fell asleep.

Freshman year of College. Was quite a different route. I again had grown up another year and my choices had gotten wiser. This year, Angie and her boyfriend at the time, and I went bowling, it was a really good time. Cosmic bowling and not starting the year off with a hangover equals WIN!!!! Haha I met this guy who was bowling in the lane next to me who decided to start flirting...I was going along with it til I found out he was only my brothers age. Needless to say I laughed it off and moved on. My Bf at the time called me at midnight crying...Haha does that say how much of a man he was LOL. He had gone to a party got drunk and tried to pick a fight with someone lol lets just say he got his ass kicked.

New years Eve 2008 ringing in 2009. Dustin and I had just started dating only a week earlier and were super excited to be able to spend new years together. We all went over to Ashley's house where we hung out with Ash, Tanner, Cole, Bryan, Mick, and Trevo. It was over all a really good night. Lots of drinking and lots of games but it was super fun!!! Everyone had a blast. Until Vela showed up ratted on his brother for being at a party, and than Dustin had to drive all the way back to Hemingford to drop off Cole. Just BARELY making it back to Ashleys in time for our new years kiss, but mind you he did and thats all that mattered!!! My first new years kiss from a straight guy!!! And the only guy ill ever get a new years kiss from again. After we hit the new year and continued to drink, I finally proved to Mick that I could out drink him, not sure if that is a good thing but I won. Because he ended up Puking all over his lap haha which sent me running out the apartment disgusted. Dustin and I werent tired and ended up just pulling an all nighter with Ash chatting!! Great new years!!!

Last year, we went across post to a couples house that we had just randomly met, and just chilled, played some wii, and drank a few beers. It was super laid back and casual. Stayed through midnight, got myself a good kiss from my husband and than we headed home to start our new year together!

Now we have finally gotten to New Years Eve 2010!!! And god has this past year been a Rollercoaster. But we are done now. Though I wont be able to get my new years kiss I will be spending it with a couple spouses who are on the same boat!! And the new year marks the half way point of the deployment. So lets get this year started and enjoy all the great memories to come. Who needs resolutions when my only goal is to get my baby home? To a new year!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Finishing 2010

I guess it has been a long time since I wrote, It says I have 7 people who read my blog, but I bet only about 2 will even notice I posted something after like 2-3 months of silence. Holiday season has been SUPER hectic at work and thus I dont have much time or energy to get on here and write.

With my boss driving me crazy, our cake display constantly breaking and DESTROYING cakes, and a few other little things that keep coming up. My job has turned into just trying to manage to get through the day. But the best part is the fact that the past few months have FLOWN by.

As the new year starts I am really gonnna try to write more, and see if I can keep up with it. I mean this was supposed to be my way of getting through the deployment, and now we have made it through over half!!! YAY!!!!! Its a measley 68 days til I will again be in my Baby's arms. You cant even begin to imagine just how excited that fact makes me!!!

My husband has to be the most perfect man ALIVE! He just always knows the right things to do and say!! I cant wait to have him back so this house can start feeling more like a home again!! Well not too much more to say, but keep an eye out for the 31 day photo challenge to begin on the 1st. Should be a really great way to get to know me a little better!!

Love ya'll!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Its Halloween!!

Okay so that doesnt really mean much lol. I work from 9-5 on Halloween so....not a huge point in getting excited. I may roll by a friends after work to at least recognize that its a holiday, and to wear my costume that I put money into!! But nothing near as fun as last year with Dustin :D Than again nothing is ever as fun without your best friend I guess we all know that!!

Really I am in shock that it is indeed the first holiday of the holiday season. 4 months thats a pretty huge accomplishment, we are 1/3 of the way through this thing, now I know we can finish it. And I am over half way to R&R when i get to see my baby again :D

Last week I enjoyed a very fun week of playing tourist with my sister it was a totally fun time. We argued but we are sisters!! And I managed to do something brave yes i did. I went parasailing :D So fun very relaxing week!! Now for the next 3 weeks I work 9-5 Mon-Fri....gonna be a very fast November. Gonna join the Webb Family for a Turkey Dinner :D awww closest I can get to home I guess.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alone on your Anniversary

Wow. The saying runs true. Time Flys when your having fun. I can hardly believe that just a year ago today me and the greatest man alive awkwardly walked through the dark and really kinda creepy parking garage of the Honolulu Courthouse. Surrounded by friends and laughing our way to the Judge's courtroom. We nervously signed the papers knowing that this was it we were going to be an official couple. As he took my hands looked down into my eyes and said I do. My eyes began to water, I never expected the moment to be so perfect and couldn't have imagined such a great man to be standing across from me. Now it was my turn, my voice cracked and tears swell up in my eyes. "I DO." That was it. We finally made it, we are married.....HE IS MY HUSBAND!!!!! Far from traditional and Defiantly not the dream wedding I had envisioned since I was very young but I learned that day that none of that is what matters. What matters is the who, and the what. Who: Dustin. What: Married me. The setting only leaves visual memories but the concept never changes.

We made it through the first year. We had our ups and downs, and a couple quite frankly silly little bumps along the way. But really its been smooth sailing. I think when you marry your best friend that's to be expected. People make look at us and say we are adorable. And ask how we make it so easy but they really need to know, that it is NOT easy. Being married is a challenge almost everyday. Specifically being married military.

We spend alot of our time apart and really truly learn to appreciate each other more and more each day. On days that we don't get to talk I go to bed worrying and praying about his safety. Just to find out a night later that...."i was playing Dungeons and Dragons with the boys". Even tho this is normally the case being an Army wife will always lead to unnecessary stress.

Today marks our first Anniversary. And like everything this coming year, I'll be spending it alone. This saddens me but I know its part of the job description. Sad as I may be here I know its probably hurting him worse there. For his mind has more than once skid past the words: "my fault she is alone today". And never would I blame him. I woke up this morning and was delivered some of the MOST BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS EVER!!! He even managed to get an arrangement that had both daisies, and Iris. It really made my day that he would rememeber my favorite flowers! Now tonight I get to sit down at a table, with real flowers, candles, and a picture of my handsome husband. It may not seem like much to some people. But to me that date is as close as I can get to the real thing :D

So even thousands of miles away today. We celebrate together in harmony as a great couple. And hopefully when he looks at the moon tonight he will think about the fact that the moon will be the same here tonight also!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Power or Words

Words:A sound or a combination of sounds, or its representation in writing or printing, that symbolizes and communicates a meaning and may consist of a single morpheme or of a combination of morphemes.

What a complex definition for something we uses Millions of times a day. When broken down like that it seems like words are just a science, something that means very little yet ALOT at the same time. But really its sooooo much more complex than that.

For instance one word can have more than one meaning. Or said in a different tone a word that is generally an endearing and nice word, can come off sarcastic and rude. Also when words are put in a sentance, the arrangement of them can mean different things.

So it should come at no surprise that something so SIMPLE, can mean so much to a person. I have learned that the power of words can make or break someones day. For instance when my husband is down and depressed all it takes is a simple letter from me telling him just how much he means to me to cheer him up. Or a few words of encouragement can get him over a challenging hump in his job.

So what I hope is that everyone does what they can to help make peoples' days better when they can see that someone is having a hard time. You never know just how powerful your words could be to that person. It may be the exact thing they needed to keep them from having a breakdown!! Just keep Karma in mind, if you are an open and helping soul good things will come back to you!!!

UNDER 300 days left!! WOOT WOOT!!! 2.5 months down Thank goodness!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

When I need it most.

My very good friend brought me to church with her 2 weeks ago. I hadn't been in years and really didn't think I was gonna find a church that I fit in to. I dont have the old conserviate views that alot of churches follow. But not 20 mins into service I turned to her and said "I LOVE THIS CHURCH"! New Hope Leeward is a church that is focused on the younger generation. It is full of young families and I fit i just perfect!! So today I returned again this time alone and was surprised by just how welcome I felt even sitting by myself. I truely do look forward to service now every sunday!! And Absolutely can not wait until Dustin is back home to go with me!!

Sadly after a great morning at church I came home to find our rabbit Husker had passed away. In the past few weeks I had watched as e started to loose weight and lose interest in his food, which he used to scarf down. So sadly a member of our family has passed into heaven. It saddens me greatly but its better than him suffering from whatever was ailing him :(.

Today is the marking of 9 weeks past. Although technically 8 weeks is 2 months, today is the day according to month numbers that marks 2 months. Idk if that makes since but either way 2 months down and only 10 more to go. I'm very grateful that my friends have helped keep me busy so that time is passing quickly!!

Thanks for reading and thank you all for the wonderful comments I receive they always mean alot to me.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sorry its been so long

I hardly remembered that I had started this Blog. Im sorry for those of you who were following me. I have been pretty busy and just getting into the Battle rattle of deployment. Schedule helps make the days pass and when that fails well I just take a nap and there goes a good chuck of the day!!

Been trying to get in good shape and working out also keeps my mind off things. Besides who doesnt want a good adrinaline rush from getting your blood pumping, nothing better than feel goods going through your veins!! I entitailly had started all this working out as part of a weight loss challenge but now its more of a stress relief cuz I love my body and im tired of being insecure and always trying to change myself.

So we are already over a month into this deployment and its great knowing that time really is actually passing not standing still like you think it will. Im learning to love the Army and the epic adventures that are brought to us by the different places we are given a chance to live!! And im glad that I have started to get this attitude because from my last discussion with my Hubs we have a long journey ahead of us!!! And I'm so excited to be on this adventure with him.

Well hope this post comes with some sort of relief to at least know im still alive!! Ill try to write more again soon!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Crazy tragic sometimes almost magic awful beautiful life.

Awe if that song doesn't just say it all....Man this life we live has SO many ups and downs yet it really is a beautiful life.
Today has really been one of those kinda days. That lifts your spirit because you have such a great time and your on top of the world but also keeps you right there on earth with humbling things that are so out of your control.

Reaction to action mode. This bewilders me. Some people have the craziest reaction time from when something happens and stepping up and taking control where they need to. Like for instance I saw a group of three men step up almost instantly in a place where fear and tragedy were running wild. There was a 5 car pile up on one of the roads near base, and within I'd say 3 mins these mean were out there. They stepped up and starting conducting traffic around the wreck that had demobilized the entire flow as it covered both lanes. And due to their amazing ability to go from reacting to what just happened and putting into action the next step to prevent further problems.
Another situation like this was told to me today also from my parents. They saw a car go over a guard rail in the mountains and roll down to the river below. And apparently it only took a few seconds for my dad to pull the car over, jump out of the vehicle and be storming down the embankment to help in anyway he could. Its amazing that people just have that reaction time that makes all the difference.

Now for the more fun part of the day. The theme for my day was pirates obsessive lol. For those of you who didn't know the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie is being filmed right now in multiple locations around the island. And my friend and I were able to get pretty close and snap a few photos of the Black Pearl that is now Queen Anne's Revenge for this new film!! Than we drove to the other side of the island and tried to catch some of the stars but the security there was kinda rude and not very friendly so we ended up just driving by the camera's and stuff a few times. But we really wanna go to the next place they are filming so hopefully times workout and we can make it :D

The Husband is starting to get on a working routine. He is gonna be working nights so hopefully that will make it so we are able to talk easier. Although the Internet on his Fob is very shitty and thus he isn't going to waste the money on purchasing it so we are only talking every 3 days or so and just on facebook when he is able to make it to the MWR. This makes it a little harder but I understand that the situation isn't gonna be exactly ideal and we are gonna make it work for us!! I cant wait until he gets my first package!

Prayers going out to the wife who was in the car that rolled down the river, as she deals with the hard time of her husband passing, prayers with all the people who were involved in the car accident, Prayers with Julie as she fights through the sickness of her pregnancy, and prayers to everyone else who is having a hard time may gods eyes be watching you carefully!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Keeping really busy

Wow over a week down, Tuesday has already came and went!!!

I have been trying to keep myself very busy and its amazing how well that keeps your mind off of things. I want people to know that although I seem to be strong that is not because I have no emotions nor im not hurting cuz I do but I realize that there is no point in getting myself worked up cuz he's still gonna be gone. And he is gone for a good reason so you just gotta suck it up and go.

So I had made a budget with Dustin before he left, we forgot to calculate in his Care packages so I ended up spending quite a bit and havent even paid for postage yet...Should be interesting thats for sure...I hope he can accept my apology cuz next pay check I wont be spend Near as much.

Well the 4th of July is quite a shindig here on post, with games, food, entertainment, drawings, and plenty of sun to go around. Prices ran a little high tho so I decided not to stick around too much. Than a group of us headed over to Wainae to Celebrate and bbq!! Fun was had by all tho the firework show wasnt very impressive.

Than Monday my life got a little bit more entertaining to say the least. I was on my way to pick up my brother in law and his wife from the airport. And on my way to my car my neighbors dog decided it wanted to see how I tasted. Ripped my shorts, punctured my leg in 2 spots and left one helluva bruise around it. So I have spent my fair share of time at the ACC and with the Mp's getting the report filed. Has kept me on my toes all day.

Also got Pedicures with my friends today which was by far what I needed been a stressful week already and its only tuesday. Oh and Huck has Roll over down good now :D

I miss Dustin cant wait til he has better internet and can talk to me fore more than 20 mins should be soon!!!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let the time fly by.

Busy Busy Busy! That's what I wanted this first few days and boy oh boy has that been what I got!!! And it is indeed a great thing and I hope to keep this pace up through out the whole time! I love helping out my friends!! And we have had some good story telling time lately! Besides Lack of sleep all has been going well! Was even excited to finally get my first call from Dustin which was totally a day maker!!

The next few days are alot more low key just pretty much me time, I'm gonna get my stuff together for Dustin's care package, and catch up on the zzz's Ive been missing out on. Also plan to do some grocery shopping, and cleaning!! But mostly alot of time will be spent with my little battle buddy trying to get him on a routine so that we can go the ENTIRE year with out any accidents. He has only peed in the house 1 time since Dustin left and that's because, the people were painting the building right by our door so we couldn't leave. And well he couldn't hold it in.

Not alot been going on just keeping everyone updated...Dustin is safe but busy so wont be online much for a while and only gets 20 mins worth of phone calls a day. No one knows his mailing address yet, but when I know I'll let you know!!


P.s to all my army wives I LOVE YOU!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Learning to Cope

They say that the day he leaves is the hardest. But as today came around, I'm beginning to question that concept. Although, yes It was a hard time and seeing his face walk onto that bus, knowing I wouldn't be in his arms for a year was heart breaking and really the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Today the reality of that hits home.

I woke up this morning after a rough night of tear streaked cheeks, and finally passing out on his side of the bed cuddling with his pillow. And I first thought awe he didn't say bye before pt. Oh well I'll get up and be ready to take a shower with him afterwards. A little while passed and I realized....He wont be walking back through that door today.

These simple things sadden me. But good news I have been able to hear from him on every step of his travel. And you know with him gone the countdown til he is back is getting smaller every second....and who wouldn't like knowing that? "Missing someone gets easier everyday because though he is further from the last time you saw him, he is also closer til the next time."

The best thing that's gonna get me through this is to break up the time, there are 4 things that will be doing that for me. And I'm challenging myself to count down to those things rather than looking at the time as a whole. In Sept, I have friends coming for their b-day, than sometime after that Dustin will have R&r, and Than my sister and mother are coming out in March. And in the beginning of June my Cousin is going to make it out. So with the only a few months in between each event it makes the total count down seem so much less.

Hey best part of all is remind myself everyday that, Dustin is safe, he is gonna be in one of the best FOBS over there, he'll have Internet. We will be able to talk almost everyday when he isn't working :D Plus I finally get to make all the Awesome care packages I have been looking forward to. And get to receive letters in the mail ALL the time from him that's gonna be awesome.

So the challenge begins, it will challenge our faith, our relationship, our friendship, our patience, and our courage. But if there is one thing being an army wive and girlfriend to Dustin has shown, its that we truly are in love and this little task will not phase us one bit. Nothing we haven't had to do before.


P.s. cherish all the small things they do. Like I woke up today expecting to have to do dishes before breakfast, and found the dishwasher was full of clean dishes :D made my day! He had started it before we left for formation yesterday!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Army Proud

Today was the day for the deployment ceremony. And nothing makes an army wife more proud of her husband than seeing him in formation, in uniform with all the men who are willing to risk their lives to save his. When you see an entire brigade standing at attention it makes you feel very safe.

As the bugle calls to announce the presentation of the colors and the playing of the national anthem, it sends shivers down my spine as now, more than ever those words echo through me, and show just what my husband is out there standing so proudly for.

This ceremony made me realise even more that his job is important. Although in my selfish world I think he shouldn't be deploying and I should be able to keep my husband at my side, I can see that what he is fighting for is not a war but his pride in this great nation, and his pride in his family and friends. So although the ceremony made the fact he is leaving ever so soon sink in even more I know it has a good purpose.

As I looked around me while sitting in the bleachers, I saw all the wives, and kids that are my army family and never have I felt so sure that, I can make it through this year. I know that I have amazing friends who will be there with me til the end. We will feed off of each others strengths, and hold each other up during our times of weakness. And with my family so far away, its great to know that I have my own hand picked and amazing family still surrounding me.

So deployment this is what I have to say "BRING IT ON" I know I may be sad, happy, and terrified by you but I know that I'm better than you and I will make it through this without any problems. Because if there is one thing I learned from the Army its that "I AM ARMY STRONG"!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Coming soon!!

I cant belive how fast leave went. I swear it feels like we were just packing full of excitement for the two weeks away, and now we are already back doing the final count down before he leaves. And yes he does leave soon, VERY soon(no I wont tell you the date). As we spend the little time we have together it makes me very proud to have such a strong husband. I know that he is just as scared as I am to be so far away for so long but he doesnt show it. He knows that he has to be strong for me cuz I'm always on the edge of a total breakdown. We just got to remember to use what time we do have left in each others arms just remembering all the good times. Im scared for him to leave but 12 months can be a very short time if we have a good attitude about it. Ill be very busy the whole time with Frg, Dr Appointments, and hopefully eventually getting a decent job.