Friday, July 16, 2010

Crazy tragic sometimes almost magic awful beautiful life.

Awe if that song doesn't just say it all....Man this life we live has SO many ups and downs yet it really is a beautiful life.
Today has really been one of those kinda days. That lifts your spirit because you have such a great time and your on top of the world but also keeps you right there on earth with humbling things that are so out of your control.

Reaction to action mode. This bewilders me. Some people have the craziest reaction time from when something happens and stepping up and taking control where they need to. Like for instance I saw a group of three men step up almost instantly in a place where fear and tragedy were running wild. There was a 5 car pile up on one of the roads near base, and within I'd say 3 mins these mean were out there. They stepped up and starting conducting traffic around the wreck that had demobilized the entire flow as it covered both lanes. And due to their amazing ability to go from reacting to what just happened and putting into action the next step to prevent further problems.
Another situation like this was told to me today also from my parents. They saw a car go over a guard rail in the mountains and roll down to the river below. And apparently it only took a few seconds for my dad to pull the car over, jump out of the vehicle and be storming down the embankment to help in anyway he could. Its amazing that people just have that reaction time that makes all the difference.

Now for the more fun part of the day. The theme for my day was pirates obsessive lol. For those of you who didn't know the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie is being filmed right now in multiple locations around the island. And my friend and I were able to get pretty close and snap a few photos of the Black Pearl that is now Queen Anne's Revenge for this new film!! Than we drove to the other side of the island and tried to catch some of the stars but the security there was kinda rude and not very friendly so we ended up just driving by the camera's and stuff a few times. But we really wanna go to the next place they are filming so hopefully times workout and we can make it :D

The Husband is starting to get on a working routine. He is gonna be working nights so hopefully that will make it so we are able to talk easier. Although the Internet on his Fob is very shitty and thus he isn't going to waste the money on purchasing it so we are only talking every 3 days or so and just on facebook when he is able to make it to the MWR. This makes it a little harder but I understand that the situation isn't gonna be exactly ideal and we are gonna make it work for us!! I cant wait until he gets my first package!

Prayers going out to the wife who was in the car that rolled down the river, as she deals with the hard time of her husband passing, prayers with all the people who were involved in the car accident, Prayers with Julie as she fights through the sickness of her pregnancy, and prayers to everyone else who is having a hard time may gods eyes be watching you carefully!

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