Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let the time fly by.

Busy Busy Busy! That's what I wanted this first few days and boy oh boy has that been what I got!!! And it is indeed a great thing and I hope to keep this pace up through out the whole time! I love helping out my friends!! And we have had some good story telling time lately! Besides Lack of sleep all has been going well! Was even excited to finally get my first call from Dustin which was totally a day maker!!

The next few days are alot more low key just pretty much me time, I'm gonna get my stuff together for Dustin's care package, and catch up on the zzz's Ive been missing out on. Also plan to do some grocery shopping, and cleaning!! But mostly alot of time will be spent with my little battle buddy trying to get him on a routine so that we can go the ENTIRE year with out any accidents. He has only peed in the house 1 time since Dustin left and that's because, the people were painting the building right by our door so we couldn't leave. And well he couldn't hold it in.

Not alot been going on just keeping everyone updated...Dustin is safe but busy so wont be online much for a while and only gets 20 mins worth of phone calls a day. No one knows his mailing address yet, but when I know I'll let you know!!


P.s to all my army wives I LOVE YOU!!!!

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