Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baby Memories

      So about well probably like 7 months ago now, I started this project. I knew I wanted to keep the outfit Kyra came home in. But I wanted to display all her stuff not just have it set in a drawer to reminisce over on my own. I want all my friends and family to enjoy the memories with me. So I found this great shadow box project online and knew it was going to be the perfect way to do this.

Than the search was on. Living here in Germany there isn't any hobby lobby or stores like that around so to find a shadow box was going to be a lot of work. And ordering one offline was going to cost me an arm and a leg. One day when we were out walking we came home and by our dumster out back there was 2 dressers. One in great condition and one well not...We snatched up the good one and put it in our room. And seeing as the second one was going to just get trashed and grabbed an extra drawer. Cuz I saw exactly what I needed.

That drawer turned out to be just the right size to use as a shadow box for all of Kyra's stuff from the hospital. I was so excited I went right up stairs took the hardware off and put all her stuff in it just like I wanted it to look. And there it sat. I really wanted to get it done. But both time, and resources were lacking. Finally we were able to get a hot glue gun. But still this drawer sat in the closet out of sight out of mind. But just this last weekend I was in the spare room cleaning up as we are buying a new bed for our room and are going to move our old one in there for guests. And I was looking in the closet and much to my surprise was my project that had been left unfinished.

So today I was sitting around at nap time trying to think of something to do to entertain myself when....OH YEAH!!! I went in sat down with my glue gun and hammered it out. It only took me about 10 mins. I can't understand why all that time I had put it off. And it turned out so great!! At least I got it done before she turned 1. Something I can't say about her scrapbooks lol. But I am very proud of this one and friends who live around here will probably be excited to see it in person at her birthday party. But for now here are pictures of the final product.

And because I love everyone who continues to come back and read my page here is a Valentines Day surprise for you all!! Happy Valentines Day!!!


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