Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I am coining a new term.

       Call me nerdy if you want, but sometimes I say things to Kyra....haha its the new way to talk to yourself without looking completely insane. But sometimes when I am having these conversations I think man that is so smart. And I think about it like crazy and think who can I tell this without looking utterly insane?  Well my crazy blog followers that is who!!!

    So the term your waiting to hear all about is Frank Lee. Hahaha it makes no since now, but this is my new word for spring cleaning. Because I am starting to believe that spring is not ever gonna come. So I am not going to put off the cleaning due to the weather. So this way of calling it will make it so I can Frank Lee my closet any time of the year.

    So why did I choose to call it Frank Lee you ask. Well cuz I thought it would be more imaginative than Frankly haha. But what it means to Frank Lee your closet is to take a look at every article of clothing in your closet and remember back to when you got it, if you wear it, if it fits, and if you need it. A lot of things in my closet are there cuz I think someday this will fit when "frank lee" I need to just get rid of it. Or they haven't fit/nor have I worn it in years, and "frank lee" I am just holding on to it cuz it holds memories or something.

   So I am currently in the process of Frank Lee'ing my closet. First step is to wash all my clothes and put them away. Than I am gonna take a good look at each thing and get it out of my closet. I was starting this and trying to sell stuff but as I was doing this I realized its not worth the hassle. Besides I would rather have my friends have my clothes for free. So if you are reading this and live in the area and want a chance to go through all the clothes I am going to be giving away let me know!! I will set up a time for you to come scavenge!!  There is gonna be some good stuff!!

   Than after everyone goes through what they want the rest will get donated to some greater good!! "Pat on the Back" Well I hope you all have a good time reading my random rambling. And maybe take my inspiration and Frank Lee your closet too!!

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