Saturday, January 17, 2015

Friday Favorites Week 3 (2015)

Yet again, I am a day behind writing my blog...Maybe I should perhaps consider changing the name of the blog post...idk I will think about it.

This week we had lots of fun just enjoying each other's company. Monday started out as just a very casual day. I was really tired as I had been up all night with contractions so Kyra and I just hung out at the house together!

Tuesday started out as a great day. I was in a really relaxed mood and happy to just play with Kyra all day. Than I was hit with a terrible migraine that knocked me out. Luckily Dustin was able to come home quickly and let me sleep it off so I was feeling better by bed time.

This was week 37 of this pregnancy, however, if you consider that I am having Darren no later than this coming Friday I guess you could call it week 39.

Wednesday, After much debate on my part as I was tired....when am I not? I drug Kyra and I out the door and across to play group with MOPS. It was an Eric Carle themed book reading and craft event, and I am so glad we went. It is always nice to socialize with the ladies, and for Kyra to get to play with some friends!

It is so sweet to watch her grow, and learn how to make friends with kids her age without parents guiding their activity!!

Thursday: We woke up early to join Dustin on base for a very special ceremony! As a family we have decided to reenlist for 3 more years in the Army. I don't have any pictures of this as I guess being out the door by 8 was too early for me to think of a camera, there was however other folks with camera's so if I get a hold of the pictures I will share them later. After which Dustin was released for the day...which lead to him having a 5 day weekend!! WOOT!!

Also Thursday we went back to the OB for our last appointment before the csection. He didn't have a lot of news for us. As usual I have lots of contractions...I am dilated like 1 cm which doesn't mean much. My body knows what it is doing, just has to get to doing it!! But I will honestly be okay if it doesn't since we have the date and everything it will be so much simpler to just go in prepared.

As far as yesterday we stayed home most the day, ran a couple errands and had lunch at Taco Bell but nothing to write home about.

And today we went on a nice little lunch date to one of our favorite restaurants in town, Rhine Main Grill, and grabbed some pasteries/cakes at the little french bakery down the street before coming home and taking a long late nap!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


This tree is right out front of my house!! I love love seeing it at all seasons! I love the way the branches grow, it is so beautiful!! And in this picture with the sunset it really shows how cold it was that day!!

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Friday Favorites Week 2 (2015)

So yeah this week is way behind!! It wasn't a very eventful week, we started the week out with a few days at home and adjusting to Dustin being back at work for Full Days after a wonderful winter break! We really just hung out at home and cleaned.

Wednesday we were lucky enough to be able to get out of the house for a couple hours and go to MOPS and see all the lovely people we enjoy hanging out with!! Kyra always gets excited to go to "school" and see her friends. And I really enjoy 2 hours of being alone. Sadly it will be the last one before baby, and next meeting he will probably have to hang out with me! Also Wednesday after talking to the Liason we went into the Hospital with high hopes of getting registered just to find out have to have an appointment. Which was the whole point of calling the Liason. So we sat there a little while just to have them come out with a planner to schedule us an appointment.

So we booked the appointment for Friday and went in at Noon like they told us to. Sat there for over 3 hours just for them to talk to us for 5 mins. Oh well we managed to get a date for the C-section scheduled for Baby Darren he will be here on the 23rd. Only 12 more days!! I can't wait to meet him!!

Not a very exciting weekend here either. I am really trying my hardest to take it easy until the 23rd now so that I don't happen to go into labor before then. We did go to the pet store to look at the animals and get out of the house, we were gonna play at the playground there, but it was way to crowded with bigger kids!

Now onto the pictures of the week!!! Kyra loves selfies!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Beginnings {52 WEEKS CHALLENGE}

This year is starting out with the topic beginnings, which as you all know fits perfect with my life right now. We are about to start a new journey of having two little people in our lives!! So I thought a picture of his going home outfit choices, and everything else he is going to need at the hospital!!

Lucky you all who are following these blogs you get a sneak peak of the outfits he may be coming home in/ having his pictures taken in!! They are pretty adorable and took me a while to put together I am so excited!!!

This is the first of 52, but if you follow this link it will lead you to all the future photos for this challenge:

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Friday Favorites Week 1 (2015)

So I am excited to start this series for you guys!! So not off on the best foot since I am already a day late. But I intend to write every Friday talking about what we did during the week and keeping everyone up to date on the little fun things we are up to!!

This week for all purposes is going to include just the first 2 days of the year!! So it won't be very exciting!!

We started out this year as we have the last 2 years. Only this year since it was already 930 and Kyra was refusing to go to bed, we let her stay up with us to midnight. And she was a little trooper much to our surprise!!

Daddy was falling asleep but Kyra was holding strong. Don't mind my fat foot.

 Than at about 15 mins before midnight we headed out to the fields where we have watched the fireworks for 2 years now. Much to our sadness it was way to foggy and you could really only see the fireworks that were being shot off right next to us. But luckily the fog didn't keep the Germans from coming out and shooting of the fireworks they had. So Kyra had a good time watching all the Boom Booms!!

Daddy and Kyra enjoying the Fireworks.
New years Kiss, followed by like 20 more with Kyra she LOVES when we kiss lol!
Our first family picture of the year!!!

Than on the 2nd we had another doctors appointment. Darren is a growing boy. At 35+3 weeks old he is already almost 8 lbs and 20 inches. He is following in his sisters footsteps on being a massive baby!! However, this time my body seems to know what it's doing and he should be here way before being overdue like she was. Well at least he isn't going to have a choice, because the Doctors all seem to agree that he needs to come out early, and being so large the only way is going to be a csection!!

My goofy girl hanging out new years day!!
So with this blog since it is really short I am gonna include a few of my favorite products right now...I won't do this all the time. But sometimes it is really nice to know what people like and don't like :D

My Favorites:

Aveeno 24 Hour Moisturizer: I use this all the time, on my belly and everywhere. I think this is the first bottle of lotion this big that I have gone through this fast!!

Briogeo Deep Conditioner: I got this sample size which has lasted 3 treatments in my Ipsy bag and I am in love!!! My hair always feels so healthy. Will be finishing it off and ordering a full size!!

Stridex facial wipes: I only use the green kind. But I swear by these. I have been using them since high school. And I have tried other cleansers more expensive and nothing works as well!!

Be Delectable Coconut and creme hand lotion: This was also an Ipsy bag product. It makes my hands feel like heaven. I love it for winter time!! And the smell is delicious I wanna eat it!!

Hot Tot Curl Serum: I got this stuff for Kyra's hair. It is amazing, it makes her curls perfect and it smells great. It is nice that it doesn't weight her hair down, I don't want to put a lot of product in her hair and this stuff is made specially for kids :D

Least Favorite Product right now:

NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara: I got this in an Ipsy bag and was excited to try out a new mascara....This stuff is HORRIBLE!!! If you get any water of any sort near it, or you touch your eyes at all etc...You will automatically turn into a raccoon it is scary!! It is the most smudgy gross mascara I have ever used!!