Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ranting my ass off.

I have come to the conclusion that no one really reads this Blog anyways, unless I send it to them everyday. So who cares, I'm gonna get on here and really bitch.

So all though there are some cool things about Germany, so far I HATE IT. There is a list of reason I hate it.

1. The Germans are rude. Well don't get me wrong there is surely some that aren't but so far we haven't had all that much luck. Dustin stopped to hold the door open at the dept. store which would be NORMAL in America, and he stood there for like 3 mins with people coming and going and not a single person said Thank you. Also they don't say excuse me and think only of themselves pushing forward in lines, not watching who was there first.

2. The Germans have STUPID copyright laws. You can't get on Youtube and watch like anything because nothing is available in Germany. I think the Army should be required to make it so we all have American internet access so that we don't have to be limited to a countries regulations that we don't work for. These copyright laws extend to HULU, and Netflix also. So unless we pay for AFN (armed forces network) we have no access to TV. And AFN doesn't even offer much their channels are a mixed up mess of random shows playing whenever they feel like it. Call me spoiled but I miss at least having access to things.

3. I also dislike our German appliances. For some dumb reason the Americans put them in our house. It takes 3 hours for the dishwasher to run a load of dishes, so we just do them by hand. And takes almost equally long to run the dryer also. Don't plan on just throwing the clothes in the dryer before you go out cuz you'll never get done.

4. 90% of anything on the German economy requires you pay cash. I can't imagine for what reason this country is sooo far behind in technology that they don't have credit card machines. It is such a pain in the arse to have to carry cash on you all the time in order to buy anything, or walk around town til you find a bank. I seriously thought that the world or at least 1st world countries were up to date on the times.

I feel like as American's who are just assigned to live here we should be provided better sources in an attempt to make things feel more like what we are used to in America. Instead we have to deal with Ration cards and can only buy small amount of certain things, also they don't stock our px or other little stores all that well so we are left to go spend money on the economy to try and find things we need. Really Germany is pretty, but not somewhere to live if you want to do anything other than be on facebook all day. UGH!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 2 Favorite Animal

Always have so much time on my hands everyday, this house is definitely being kept far cleaner than our other house did, well that and we have a lot less stuff here still. But I think it's my nesting thing. I'll probably organize and reorganize her bedroom like 20 times this weekend. Really need a broom cuz than I could sweep too lol.

Well today was the Dr. and honestly not a TON has changed. Right now all there is to report is since her 36 weeks appt. she has gained a little less than a lb. and only a few cm. She is still my active little bean, but only in the evening time. She was causing trouble during monitoring yet again today by refusing to wake up and stay awake silly little girl. She should be coming soon, and I really just need to keep myself busy cuz thinking about it and worrying is only gonna make me crazy.

Dustin and I per Dr. orders (to walk walk walk) went on another adventure around a different section of neighborhood near by. Who knew that down any given street you would find such cool stuff. I love this place and can't wait til spring and we can push Kyra around and go look at everything without getting so chilled. In an attempt to bring spring into our house we stopped at this quaint little flower shop and bought some orange flowers and a cute gold pot to put on the table to warm it up in our house a little bit!!! First time from buying from a little family owned German place, the lady was super sweet and even put plastic wrap and a bow around it!!

Now on to my day 2 of the challenge: I drew a dolphin because they have always been my favorite!!! Well that and horses. Neither of which I can draw very well. I always wanted to be a marine biologist when I was younger, until I found out that is like 8 years of college. :O

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New 30 day challenge :)

So if you have followed me at all or had a chance to go back and read I kinda really like the 30 day challenges, mostly because it gives me a prompt to think about and write about. Uh it also really gives you guys some different ways to get to know me. So everyday for the next 30 days I'm going to be doing a 30 day Blog challenge from this website I found. Basically its a topic that I draw and than I'll kinda explain it to you! I think I mentioned this challenge a long time ago, but feel like with all this time on my hands now is a good time to start it.Yup and of course I'll add any important updates about what is going on here in our life too!!

Has been pretty much just day to day tasks lately so that's why I haven't written much. Tomorrow is our 38 weeks OB appointment, maybe we'll have some progress to report back with. So far she is just chilling haha she is in NO rush to come out yet. Have had the normal BH contractions but not all that many. I know I know she will come when she is ready!!! Um good news tho, our unaccompanied stuff is here in Germany!!! I am super excited mostly because that means all her baby stuff is here :) hurray!!! So Friday morning they will be delivering that to us!

Well onto Day 1 of 30!! The prompt for today is: Yourself. Uh so this is my drawing of myself, doesnt really look like me and the eyes aren't even lol.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekend again

Awwww......we survived the week!!! And intend to spend the weekend laying around being lazy, undisturbed!!!

The hospital visit went really well. Dustin was able to get off work to go with me and we both LOVED the place. It is very relaxing and comforting :) I feel like I am going to be treated more like a human than I would have been in a Military hospital. Maybe that has to do with the way my OB here treats me too? He has been so friendly, personal, and helpful. He explains EVERYTHING he is doing. Explained all the lab results in detail, explained what to expect, what to do etc.... So as far as medically and Kyra everything is going great, just the great waiting game as the final countdown continues.

Our cute bathroom.

The living room side.

Our Kitchen and Dining area.

We moved into our house Wednesday and we are in love. It is really big and right now VERY empty....I thought I had prepared ahead of time for that fact but I catch myself sitting in her room wishing I had mailed myself more stuff. Luckily there are some really great girls out here who are going to help fill the room up with stuff they don't need for their newborns :) And we only have to make it through a month, than her stuff will all get here!!! We are getting so excited for the new addition to our family tho :)

And mom gets here the day after her due date so hopefully she'll be here and ready to meet grandma!!! The Dr says that Kyra is already 20 inches long and weights in at about 6 pounds 20 ounces. And after being on the monitor for about 30 min on Thursday they think with the amount of contractions they are picking up, she should be arriving in the next couple weeks ;) although I am only .5 cm dilated...