Friday, September 28, 2012

Jet lag an insomniacs dream!

 first read this cuz it made me smile!

And she is 100% right I mean it has been 5 days and my probably TRYING to make Kyra get back on schedule is probably what is making her do it more slowly.

Sleep Bestows sleep? Sleep Deprived baby sleeps better at night? Keep close to her schedule naps, and sleeping when she normally would. NOPE nothing helps...frankly this weekend no matter how tired it makes Dustin and I Kyra will be sleeping when she wants to for as long as she wants to and awake when she doesn't wanna be.

New born in our house is just another good form of birth control. Specifically since Kyra was NEVER this bad when she was little she LOVES her sleep. AS DO I!

Oh I just hope things get back to normal on their own soon. Oh look Kyra is almost crawling she would probably have it down if she would let her body get the rest it needs!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

First family vacation!!

Well here we are on another night where Kyra went to bed woke up ate, laid back down and not even five mins later was like Hey mom I'm wide awake. Unfortunately it was before Dustin even went to bed and yet I had to get out of bed and spend well we'll see how long I have to spend out here. So while she rolls around and exhausts herself enough to go back to sleep I shall write about out First Family Vacation Home!!! Because we were sure busy the whole time and did a lot of fun stuff!!!

We started off early in the chilly morning on August 21st. Thought we were gonna be late and miss our flight because paperwork wasn't signed and someone didn't realize that until we were already out the door on our way to the airport...genious.

But after getting a nice little massage from TSA and harassed by some guy in customs we were on the plane and ready to go. As we got onto the run way we sat expectantly as Kyra started to fall asleep, we were just sure that the engine starting and the altitude changes was gonna start a screaming fit. Moments before take off Kyra was fast asleep, and nothing about taking off even bugged her one bit. *WOOH HOOO* On this flight we had 3 seats for us which would have been nice to know before we checked luggage and than we could have simply had her carseat which probably would have made things easier but regardless. She had a good time crawling around on the empty seat between us!

We got off this flight and were worried about the "you have to get off, get your luggage, go through customs, check back in, and than go to your next flight" thing they kept telling us during landing. But came to find out if Delta Airlines have one thing right its that transferring thing because that was smooth sailing.

Our second flight was a much shorter one but after such a great first flight we were expecting the worst from Kyra. Because we have been told how much fun babies and planes are. We were squished with one other guy on this flight but it too went well. The two flights combined we ended up with only 2 mins of Kyra crying and that was the first time her diaper was changed and during turbulence. So I don't blame her that could be scary.

Than finally we were in Colorado and awaited by my mom who was really excited to see us...well mostly Kyra :) grabbed Sonic on the way to Tami's house where she and Preston were still up waiting to see us (haha I realize it was only like 8 pm but after traveling and the time difference that felt like late late late) So after a bit of talking, a quick bath for Kyra and a plan for the morning we shuffled her and Preston upstairs and went to bed.

The first couple days consisted of just hanging out and catching up and well frankly showing off sweetness. And getting some time to play with my two handsome nephews!!!

Than we were off on a 3-4 hour car journey to see Great Grandma and Grandpa Hupp and Great Uncle Russ. And they met us at the Colorado State Fair for a day of looking at animals, playing in corn, riding silly amusement rides, winning 40 dollars on a scratch ticket, and drinking a lot of water to stay cool.

We had a great time talking and catching up with grandparents and were off back to Tami's house. We were finally able to meet up with 2 of my best friends from childhood and have a play date with all our kids who are pretty close in age. Kyra being the youngest and Tami's son at 3 being the oldest.

 A couple days later we decided to all meet up at a park down the street from Amber's house and took family pictures while we were all home and let the kids have a chance to play!



One fun week down and 3 more to go, so we were off for a very long drive to Nebraska, what should have been a 3-4 hour drive ended up much longer after blowing a tire out on the interstate, and than having to drive 50 for the remaining half of the trip on a doughnut.  

We arrived to Dustin's eager parents!! And handed Kyra right over to Papa!! And it was LOVE! Our two weeks in Nebraska aside from a great trip to Rapid for some Mongolian Grill were fairly laid back, time to just relax and play with little miss.We also got to meet Great Grandma Barb, Great Uncle Kris, Auntie B, and Cousins Ana and Miguel.

While in Nebraska we made some time to go hang out with Great Grandma and Grandpa Goldstedt too, and they were delighted to get to meet Kyra!! Also hung out with Grandpa John who was excited to show Kyra the BIG trains, although the horn was a bit scary for her.

After getting plenty of R&R in Nebraska we were back on our way to spend our last week in Colorado. It was really hard saying good bye to our family in Nebraska knowing we wouldn't see them again for possibly another year :(

While in Colorado we got ourselves really busy trying to see and do everything there was left to do. We spent a day in the mountains with Great Grandparents, and Grandma and Uncle Shane, and Aunt Tami. Drove all the way up into Rocky Mountain National park to the top way above where the pine trees stop growing. It was COLD up there and we pushed forward to get all the way to the top of the hiking trail none the less. Pictures to come of us on the top when I get them from my mom.

We also went to Buffalo Wild wings for dinner as a chance to spend some time with some of my good friends including Kris, Taryn, Kristy, Stormy and Brett! And Dustin did the Blazing challenge with my brother Shane both finished and go AWESOME sweatbands HAHA!!

The last couple days we spent with Amber and Jeremy. Dustin got to go golfing and bond with his new brother in law and Amber and I had a nice time just talking. We also went to Pearl Street Mall to see the sights and eat some yummies at the Rio!! And Kyra got some awesome sunglasses! We also swung by Kami and Justin's place to see little Jackson who isn't that little anymore!

The last day of our trip happened to also be our 3rd anniversary!!! So we went down in style during the day we went to the Denver Zoo it was both Dustin and Kyra's first time and he was very impressed :) Than later that evening we went out on a nice date thanks to my mom and sister for watch Kyra to give us the chance. We went to Hibachi and Fort Fun, was kind of a high school style date with putt putt and video games. But it was nice to relax on our own and not worry about the trip the next morning for a little while.

And now after a month of traveling and go go go we are all very worn out but wouldn't have missed a second of any of it. I miss our family already like crazy!! And the jet lag is exhausting all we wanna do is this:

Sorry for the Really long blog but had to do it all in one hope you enjoyed our trip!!!