Thursday, April 28, 2011

Days 29 and 30

A picture that can always make me smile has to be the one of Me, Tamara, and Andrea. We were all soo happy and having such a good time that night. It was a great night!! So many Memories from that night that will never be forgotten!!

And a picture of someone I miss. I'd have to say, my husband I miss having him here to cuddle with and pick on and just be with!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 28

I am soooo scared of Snakes. And Spiders. YUCKY YUCKY YUCKY!!! just looking up pictures for this gives me the creepy crawlies!!!


Haha i havent been posting for sometime, i guess time gets away from you when your busy!!! Been keeping busy with family visiting, Dustin home for R&R, and Wishing the weeks away so that I can go out with friends on the weekends!! But its working for the best cuz Next week I go home for a week, than the count down will be so small I wont know what to do with myself.

But on an entirely different note. I know i never finished the last 30 day challenge, so I intend to do that, than I found another one that instead of posting/taking picture you draw. And for those of you who know me I am always doodling haha so this should be a good one for me!!! And maybe it will have a greater meaning that only my gooood good friends will know about lol.

Well thats all for now, im off to get something for dinner than watch a movie and relax at home tonight!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things that ANNOY ME!

So things have been getting on my nerves. Like crazy things that make me wanna yell and loose my temper. But most people who know me im not like that. So I'm just gonna bitch about it.

1. People who think they are always right. Holy Shit I'm sure everyone knows someone like this. Where you are having a convo about something you are POSITIVE about because you have either experienced it or done your research and these said people will just ignore you or talk down to you like you are a complete idiot. You know what maybe I was trying to help you but if you seem to think I'm dumb and dont know right I will just stop giving you my advice. You know what makes these people even more annoying is when your talking to them they just end the convo with "whatever". You know what fine. I would be able to handle these people IF they would man up to the fact they are wrong when they find out they are.

2. People who think they are better than others. This one really is a peeve because it causes people who already have low self esteem to have issues. If there is something that I WOULD DO. Doesnt mean I need to know that you wouldnt do it because you think its dumb or you would do it. If I mention how I feel about something doesnt mean you need to put me down. I am not you I was raised differently and have different Morals and different perspectives. Again ties into your ways arent ALWAYS RIGHT.

3.People who can't be nice about other peoples good things. If I tell you about something I did that I was happy about or something like that I dont expect you to jump up and down and be overly excited. But you could at least have the respect to listen to me. I can tell when people arent listening and when you arent looking at me or responding thats rude.

4. Skinny people who are self concious of their bodies. Okay if you have a great body im not saying you have to flaunt it but dont overly cover it and act like its a terrible thing. It makes people who arent even half as thin as you feel really wierd about their bodies.

5.People who make plans and than back out last min with DUMB excuses. You say you wanna hang out and so we go ahead and make plans. Than you cant just say I dont really wanna go you come up with these REDICULOUS excuses. We all know that its just a reason to ditch. Or even better you make plans with me and another person and because the other person bails you bail too. How the hell do you think that makes me feel? Im not good enough to hang out with you only invited me if the other person was coming? WTF.

6.Being late to things. I especially hate to be late when its not my fault. Traffic, and other people making me late is annoying.

So as you can tell alot of things have been getting on my nerves this isnt about one person but alot of people. So dont think its just you. And dont assume. Cuz that just makes an ASS out of U and Me.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Me and a Family member

Two people that I love and feel like I havent mentioned enough in this blog. My cousin Tan Tan. He is the shit and always willing to help me out!!! Him and I are very close and have been my entire life I think hell, we even have pictures of us 1 year old pushing each other around the gym at a family reunion! I wish he lived closer so that we could hang out all the time. We always have WAY too much fun!

And Preston. He is the damned cutest freaking little boy I have ever met. I wanna kidnap him and take him with me everywhere. I'm sad cuz he is growing up SOOO fast and I dont get to see him but like once a year which is sad. I just hope someday in the future he'll actually know who I am and Love me as much as I love him!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 26

So yeah I obviously failed haha...No but I just kinda got a.d.d as far as the picture challenge is concerned. I intend to finish it...Eventually lol.

Day 26 is a picture of something that means alot to me vaguely the same as the one about something that has alot of value to you.

So im gonna go on the NON materialistic side of it.

Something that means alot to me is my friends:

Shawn and Cecilia, they are amazing amazing women. They are strong, dedicated and inspiring. They are the most strong hearted and fabulous people I have been blessed to meet.

Ang, and Tiffers, they were the girls who kept me going in Highschool. They cracked me up and their energy is never dying!! We had many fun sleepovers and the kept me young.

Rado and Tarebear, Both these two have been there for me since elementry. Sure I moved away but that hasnt allowed our friendship to dwindle at all. They have been there for everything. It seems like if I'm having a hard time they are the first people to try to help!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another day in Paradise

My days generally consist of me laying on my ass on the couch, watching tv, and messing with Facebook. But on better days I get to go to the beach!!! So this is a picture of my better days :D

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 24 A picture of something you wish you could change

I am a couple days behind guess having your family in town does that to you. So back to day 24. I wish I could change the location of Hawaii, LOL. I LOVE this island, and alot of the people here. But I dont like being so far away from my family and my friends!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just makes me sad.

Day 21 Something I wish I could forget. I dont really know but I really wish I could forget all the petty little fights that Dustin and I have had in the past. It makes me sad that we spent so much time upset with each other. And all it ever took was to think about it and we would realize none of it was big things or ever worth fighting about. And I hate thinking about them, cuz sometimes things were said we shouldnt have. Those kinda things are the things that scar you :( I really wish I could just forget them.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hey my love!!! I sure miss you. I cant believe that your now 18 years old...and that you graduate in just a few months. I know your so excited to be out of that school!! Im proud of the person you have become and I know you will do so great once you are out on your own! I miss being your roommmate. But maybe someday we will once again live close to each other and be able to hang out occasionally! Miss you and Love you!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We all have our insecurities.

When asked what my biggest insecurity was there was a couple that came to mind. I'm very insecure about my weight. But I know that conversation will only start alot of lectures so we'll skip that one for now. So I guess my Biggest Insecurity is being alone. I hate being alone. I have always been really shy when I was younger. I would always be attached to my mom's hip.

Now its kinda transfered to just straight up lonelyness. I dont like being alone in the house. Thats the main reason we have a dog cuz I think without him I would have some major issues....or practically live at one of my friends houses. Also the reason I am always out and hanging out with friends is cuz I feel like I need to be around people. I get very sad and depressed when I am alone for mass amounts of time. I do enjoy some alone time occasionally, but prefer having friends or family around. My biggest fear is to get lost and not have anyone with me or anyway to get ahold of anyone i knew to find my way home. I would hate to be completely alone.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 17

Something that has made a huge impact on my life recently...and for the last almost 7 months now. My everday revolves around getting through the everday things, that you don't even think would effect you, with out crying. I know he is doing his job but it really is hard to spend SOOO much time away from your Husband. I get up everymorning in an empty bed. Take the dog out alone. Eat my meals alone. Most nights talk to him on the computer for a couple hours tops and than climb back into our empty bed alone. Sure I have friends who are there for me and god knows without them I wouldnt be as strong as I am but it still is a horrible thing to have to deal with. Thankfully this one is winding down. In 50 or so days I get to finally be back in the arms of my baby and hold him. I will hold on as tight as I can for the 2 weeks I am given. And love him like theres no tomorrow. No one can even imagine how wonderful those days will be. Than I will put my brave panties back on and watch him climb back on a plane and fly away from me again. Sorry for the random rant. But you did ask me to tell you about something that has a huge impact on my life I would say this is obviously the biggest thing!

Whoa its the 16th already?

Hey so I'm on day 16 that means half the month is over....I think I need to find another photo challenge or blog challenge of sorts for next month too!!!

So todays picture is supposed to be of someone who inspires me....Im kinda having a hard time with this. Maybe the reason I dont know for sure what I wanna do as far as a career is because of lack of inspiration. I mean I know it sure wouldnt hurt. So I guess im gonna go with a rather generic answer and say Jesus inspires me to be a better person.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 15 Before I die!!!

I would LOVE to go on a backpacking trip around Europe. I think it would be the most epic trip ever. And of course I wanna do this trip with Dustin. No one I could imagine spending weeks with just walking/catching rides around with!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dont ever leave me.

Day 14: Someone you couldnt imagine your life without. Thats Dustin DUH!!! He's my hero, my solider, my handsome, my love, my everything!!! I dont think I could go on with out him. My life would crumble and so would I. He is the reason I wake up and currently the reason I fall asleep so I can join him in my dreams! I miss him sooo much.

Cold beer on a Friday night

Well who doesnt like them? They are patriotic, and support out troops, have a very old country sound, and they have SOUL!!! Zac Brown Band is Amazing.

Day 12

A picture of someTHING i love. Well since Dustin isnt a THING...nor is Huck....I had to settle on The Denver Nuggets. Hahaha they are really things either but, I love them. I dont like living in Hawaii cuz I cant go to their games, and I dont get the Altitude channel so I miss alot of their games. I have LOVED them since I was tiny!! i was even their ball girl and go to sit courtside when I was younger!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11

Something I hate? Well im normally pretty positive so thinking of something wasnt too easy. But I remembered that I live on an island, and what I hate is something all of us islanders hate.....TRAFFIC. With only one freeway that runs across the island, we are bound to get stuck in it.

Monday, January 10, 2011

You Crazy Daisy!

Since my life has changed a crazy lot in the past couple years im gonna do a present and past picture for today!! The person I used to do the craziest things with was Angie Edwards. We were pro at acting like kids, drinking energy drinks, laughing our asses off, and playing video games. We could make anything fun or funny!!! Sure we were probably immature as hell back than but you couldnt tell us we werent having fun! I miss her and will eternally consider her one of my best friends no matter where life takes us.

The person im most likely to do crazy stuff with is Shawn Adkins. She is such a hoot...Her boys keep her young and we both love to kick back and have a great time!! On any given day that im at her house you'll catch us doing karaoke, Dancing to micheal jackson, jumping in bounce houses like little kids, or taking silly pictures of each other!!! She is a great friend, and always making me laugh I'll miss her when we dont live near by, darn army!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thanks for being my Rock

I think its quite obvious who has gotten me through the most. My mom has been there for me my entire life. She always lets me vent, gives advice, and always hangs out with me. We're best friends and I love her soooo much!! Im so excited for her trip out to hawaii, we will have a great couple of weeks together!!!

Wow do we look tired this day!

Always making me smile

Day 8, How can you not look at that picture and laugh? He is such a dork. But you know what if he wasn't I dont think I would love him as much. His personality matches mine!! He can always do silly things to make me laugh!!! I LOVE THIS MAN!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 7.

My most valued item? I would have to say is my Wedding rings. Not because its also one of the most expensive. But because they hold SOOO much value to me. They are the thing when I'm having a rough time I can always look down and know that a sea away from me is a man who loves me with all his being!! He put those rings on my fingers to show that he is gonna stick with me through thick and thin!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

I'll trade you places!!

If I could pick a person to trade places with it would be ms.Nette!!! lol I love that girl!! Plus than I would be able to work with my husband and get a better perspective of what he really does. I know alot of what he does is Top Secret so thus I HAVE NO IDEA!!! It would be great to both be with him, but be working with him and getting a deeper sight into his life.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Picture of my Fave Memory

Okay so this isnt an actual picture of the memory because obviously it wouldnt be as special had we pulled the camera out right in the middle LOL!!!

But my favorite memory is Dustin and I's first kiss!!! It was so amazing and so perfect. It was the single deciding moment that made me go from liking him to knowing i was in love. Crazy how that was all it took. And I have been crazy about him ever since!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A picture of your night

I wasnt really sure what they meant by a picture of your night!!! So I chose to just go with a picture of one of my favorite nights!!! This is the night we got married! Our little reception dinner. Talk about two happy and very in love people.

If they meant an average night im afraid you all would be a little bit dissapointed because all my nights consist of now a days is Sitting and staring at the computer waiting and hoping Dustin will log on each night. Most nights lead to dissapointment and falling asleep worrying about why he hasnt been online in days. Probably not a healthy way to spend my time. I stay online from 8-10 waiting and if he doesnt get on i jump in the shower and go to bed.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3

The Cast of my Favorite Tv Show!!!

I was having a hard time deciding cuz I love both Hawaii 5-0 and Biggest Loser. But I decided since Biggest Loser's cast is always changing, I would go with Hawaii 5-0. They are Rock stars and I am COMPLETELY addicted to this show... Great Cast, Great Writers, Great Scense. Its like an hour long movie everyweek. Plus the fact that I know most of the places they film at is an added bonus!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2.

So this one is kinda tricky. So the wording says a picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest. There is obviously someone else with whom im even closer to. But not for as long. So I chose to do the longest one.

Amber is my sister and though we have had some REALLY bad fights in our time. They always mend and what doesnt kill us makes us stronger. We have been through alot from, the time in the hall way in our house in Dacono I remember pulling hair and hitting fights over god knows what. To us finally getting along and her taking me out with her friends bowling, and to parties!! We really do get along well just not in small places for long times. Haha we learned that after being roommates for a summer in a one bedroom apartment with a tiny bathroom and even smaller kitchen. Hahaha Regardless to say I ended up on the couch many nights, or staying with friends.
Now that our lives have gone completly different ways we are able to get along most the time. Although she is the sibling I have had the most serious and biggest fights with, she will always be the one im closest to. I Love her!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

31 Day Photo challenge

A photo of me with 10 facts.....alrighty.

1.Im married to the most handsome, charming, and awesome man to walk the earth.....MY HERO!!!

2.I was born with a hole in my heart. But I believe that is why I have such a big heart now hahahahaha (CHEESY).

3.I live in Hawaii. Its beautiful here and most days I love it. But I dont like being so far away from family. And HATE how some locals treat white people.

4.I listen to all music, and unlike most people who say that you would be surprised, my music library is a mix. From Techno, to Country, to Death Metal!

5.I work at Coldstone. I made the mistake of thinking it would be just an easy job to pass time. SOOO much work goes into a coldstone behind the scences that people dont undertand. I work my ass off in that store.

6.I cant dance or sing for the life of me, but oh that doesnt stop me...Hahaha thats probably what makes me fun to hang out with lol. Im always doing silly things and making people laugh!!!

7.Im a complete lazy ass. If given the chance, I would lay on my ass all day everyday. Thank god for Huck and his need to pee a few times a day or i'd be 2 times my size. Not to say that my lazyness hasnt caught up to me, my poor body...It needs to loose some extra baggage.

8.My family is my everything. I love all of them, parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles....everyone specially my nephew and it breaks my heart knowing he is growing up so fast. And that he has no idea who I am really.

9.Im an Army wife. And that title holds more meaning and hardship than anyone could ever imagine. And those of you who are also on this boat know exactly what I mean.

10.I have the greatest friends. From so many different walks of life. I have friends in tons of different states and even some in different countries!!! And they have all made massive impacts on my life even if they don't see it!!!