Friday, October 31, 2014

Update on my life: Pregnancy, Potty training, and School

So I had this sitting here in my to do list for quite some time and meant to sit down and write. And as you will probably be able to tell simply just from reading it that I have to be in a quiet environment to actually sit and write something long and make any sense. And seeing as its 10 am on a Friday and Kyra is here being well.....Kyra my thoughts are a bit jumbled.

But I figured I should start doing updates more often on what is going on in my life. Most of you are my friends and family on Facebook so you kinda can follow along when you read my status updates and see where my family is going, and just some of our funner at home days. But one of my good friends does a weekly blog and just updates and puts up pictures of what is going on/happened that week And I really adore reading her blogs!! So probably not the rest of this year as you will get plenty of updates with our traveling as long as I sit down and get them written lol!!

As you all know I love making lists and I am ready to start making my resolutions for 2015. I love having a list of goals, written down, and working towards them. 2015 is going to be a really exciting one with a new arrival, a new house, and really hopefully getting my photography business up and going. That is if I manage to get a new camera I love and all the paperwork etc. done.

Speaking of camera's looks like I will be opening up my savings jar ( money I have earned from donations from shoots, and selling things around the house) earlier than I would like to. I was saving up for a new laptop to do homework and edits on, but this past weekend our car was yet again broken into....Maybe its time to trade the piecer in since its obviously a target. And they stole another Ipod, Dustin's cheap azz phone, and my camera. I am most heart broken by the fact they took my camera because I had a 36g memory card in it with TONS of pictures :( and I don't upload them onto a computer because we share a computer now, and I don't wanna use up all the storage space. So a few months of pictures (luckly most have been uploaded onto facebook) are gone.

So on another entirely different note. My Pregnancy has been going well. I won't say it has been going fast as I feel like I have been pregnant forever!! And still have 14 weeks, maybe a little less depending on when the Doctor wants the baby to come :D But that means we still have to get through the holidays and most of January, which is forever. Good thing it always goes fast!

Another thing always going on in our house is Potty Training. I feel like it is never going to be finished either. We can go have these amazing weeks where we have no accidents and barely use any pull ups. Than things go down hill again. I just want her to get it and be done with it. She has a fear of going in public bathrooms, always thinks she is going to fall in. I am sure a lot of it has to do with my lack of energy to fight her to go all the time. But we will continue to keep trying I am glad that at least for now we are down to 2 pull ups a day unless we have a really busy day where I know we won't have access to a potty, or when she goes to daycare during MOPS. Because I have given up on fighting them over which room she belongs in.

And as you guys all know I have been continuing my school. I just finished another semester and took Digital Media and Society. I honestly didn't enjoy the class at all and I am so glad to be over with it. I will probably wait no until we are in Texas and see if I can find a school with better on campus hours, or that has more classes available online so I can continue. Don't have too many classes left before I am done with my Associates for Entrepreneurship!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Axl is 1!

So Axl was so much of a little ham for this session. He is so cute and I think his cowboy picture will probably always be in my portfolio, because he is too cute!!

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Green Family

My first engagement session

I always love being asked to do new photo-shoots that are out of my usual family, and maternity genre. Not that I don't love what I am doing, I obviously do as it is what I plan to specialize in. But I do enjoy being asked to step up creatively and to have the results turn out great.

I was asked to do these engagement photos with this adorable couple, and I just couldn't say no. Lucky for me they had lots of wonderful ideas for poses on top of my poses so we had lots of fun and got more great shots than you'd expect. Seeing their love and going to a new location that was beautiful made the day that much more fun!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Worms, Germany!

On a random Sunday we decided to go check out the town of Worms. There is a lot of history in the town and lots of really pretty stuff to see as does most German towns.Plus a large collection of Dragon statues around town, of which I am sure we only saw a few!! We also should have really planned ahead as we didn't bring rain gear aside from Kyra's rain boots and ended up soaking wet and cold....

You can even see damage done from WWII on this side of the church

Dustin and Kyra at the bottoms shows just how big this is