Friday, December 31, 2010


Haha so instead of posting goals and things I wanna do I'm just gonna do a flash back of the past new years!!

Starting with Junior year, the year that my older sister curropted my poor soul. Haha after leaving my work Christmas party, I headed to Scottsbluff to meet my sister at her Boyfriends house. And boy did that night become a crazy one. We had to wait for the alcohal to get there so didnt start drinking til about 11:30. So of course we drank ALOT and FAST!! And were all very drunk by Midnight!!! Amber started pucking, and was in the bedroom the rest of the night. At midnight Long December was playing on the radio over and over, because one of our friends says that it should be played EVERY new years, I wonder if he still has that tradition or not? And I got a kiss from a cute guy named Brett. Who we were pretty sure was gay and since has come out hahah fail. From than on all I remember is sitting in a chair watching everyone enjoy their night. When the world started turning and I litterally crawled across the room into the bathroom and that was GAME OVER. I woke up the next morning in the basement on the couch.

Than it was Senior Year. I was a year older and a year wiser. I spent the afternoon and beginning of the night with Ang and Tiff we were cruising and hanging out with Angie's than Boyfriend Nate. Haha we had bought a few Smirnoff drink and were watching movies in his basement. Haha I set my drink down on his bed that day and knocked it over...I never told him, just covered it up with his comforter hahaha... Than around 11:30 Tiff who had had ALOT MORE than Angie or myself starting saying she HAD to see her sister for Midnight. So we drove her into town to another Nates house where her sister was. After standing around there for the half hour in a house full of people i dont really care for, she hugged her sister and we left. I was completly sober as I had only drank 1 drink the entire time so me and Ang tooke what was left of the 2 six packs of Smirnoff and stuck them in the Trunk and drove home with a drunk Tiff in the back. When we got home we snuck in the beer through the basement window and came in the front door Tiffany leading the way. My mom was sleeping on the couch and sat up when we came in. And Tiffs drunk ass almost fell over cuz she scared her. We went downstairs and watched movies and did girly things til we fell asleep.

Freshman year of College. Was quite a different route. I again had grown up another year and my choices had gotten wiser. This year, Angie and her boyfriend at the time, and I went bowling, it was a really good time. Cosmic bowling and not starting the year off with a hangover equals WIN!!!! Haha I met this guy who was bowling in the lane next to me who decided to start flirting...I was going along with it til I found out he was only my brothers age. Needless to say I laughed it off and moved on. My Bf at the time called me at midnight crying...Haha does that say how much of a man he was LOL. He had gone to a party got drunk and tried to pick a fight with someone lol lets just say he got his ass kicked.

New years Eve 2008 ringing in 2009. Dustin and I had just started dating only a week earlier and were super excited to be able to spend new years together. We all went over to Ashley's house where we hung out with Ash, Tanner, Cole, Bryan, Mick, and Trevo. It was over all a really good night. Lots of drinking and lots of games but it was super fun!!! Everyone had a blast. Until Vela showed up ratted on his brother for being at a party, and than Dustin had to drive all the way back to Hemingford to drop off Cole. Just BARELY making it back to Ashleys in time for our new years kiss, but mind you he did and thats all that mattered!!! My first new years kiss from a straight guy!!! And the only guy ill ever get a new years kiss from again. After we hit the new year and continued to drink, I finally proved to Mick that I could out drink him, not sure if that is a good thing but I won. Because he ended up Puking all over his lap haha which sent me running out the apartment disgusted. Dustin and I werent tired and ended up just pulling an all nighter with Ash chatting!! Great new years!!!

Last year, we went across post to a couples house that we had just randomly met, and just chilled, played some wii, and drank a few beers. It was super laid back and casual. Stayed through midnight, got myself a good kiss from my husband and than we headed home to start our new year together!

Now we have finally gotten to New Years Eve 2010!!! And god has this past year been a Rollercoaster. But we are done now. Though I wont be able to get my new years kiss I will be spending it with a couple spouses who are on the same boat!! And the new year marks the half way point of the deployment. So lets get this year started and enjoy all the great memories to come. Who needs resolutions when my only goal is to get my baby home? To a new year!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Finishing 2010

I guess it has been a long time since I wrote, It says I have 7 people who read my blog, but I bet only about 2 will even notice I posted something after like 2-3 months of silence. Holiday season has been SUPER hectic at work and thus I dont have much time or energy to get on here and write.

With my boss driving me crazy, our cake display constantly breaking and DESTROYING cakes, and a few other little things that keep coming up. My job has turned into just trying to manage to get through the day. But the best part is the fact that the past few months have FLOWN by.

As the new year starts I am really gonnna try to write more, and see if I can keep up with it. I mean this was supposed to be my way of getting through the deployment, and now we have made it through over half!!! YAY!!!!! Its a measley 68 days til I will again be in my Baby's arms. You cant even begin to imagine just how excited that fact makes me!!!

My husband has to be the most perfect man ALIVE! He just always knows the right things to do and say!! I cant wait to have him back so this house can start feeling more like a home again!! Well not too much more to say, but keep an eye out for the 31 day photo challenge to begin on the 1st. Should be a really great way to get to know me a little better!!

Love ya'll!!!