Monday, October 12, 2015

The one with an old friend reunion

Monday: Today was all about cleaning. I cleaned almost the entire house!! I hate leaving for a big trip with the house a mess!! So by bedtime tomorrow I will have a super clean house then the goal will be to keep it that way until we leave!! Shouldn't be too hard...but still gotta do some shopping, and packing before the long road trip!! 

Did my legs workout today, two weeks ago I did this same workout and thought I was going to die for real!! But today it was so much easier!! Getting stronger!! 

Tuesday: More cleaning today!! It's getting close to being done, all the tedious chores: dishes, laundry, trash etc are done. Just need to pick up the dining room table, the office, the kids rooms, and the bathrooms. Our room will have to be a project for after the trip, just too much to do in there and I don't have the desire to do it! Dustin claims he is going to help, we shall see. 

After dinner we headed out to the park to do our usual laps, and hopefully Darren will be in a good mood!! 

Wednesday: Today has been a super productive day and it's only 1. I woke up in a very inspired mood and made pancakes, eggs, and bacon!! It was awesome, if you know me I don't really do breakfast, I always end up messing up pancakes but somehow I made perfect ones today and was very impressed!! After breakfast the kids and I got dressed and ran errands to hobby lobby, dollar tree and target to get everything we needed for the long trip Friday!! Afterwards we rushed home so we would be here for lunch with Dustin who didn't end up showing up :( so we took naps, and finished house cleaning!! I am going to pack what I can after my workout and dinner tonight!!

Dinner was so amazing, it's awesome having friends who are so true that after years you can still pick up where you left off like nothing has ever happened. We really miss seeing Kyle all the time, but hopefully we will see him again soon!!

Thursday: We started the morning out with Kyra being sick so we have of course the night before the long trip been up since 4 am but no worries we will do great!!

We met up with Christa and the kids while the car got an oil change, so we could see them one more time before out trip!! We are getting so excited!

Got all the packing and cleaning done quickly!! Only a nap away from our trip!! The drive may be long and we may not get much sleep, but it's just as bad as the long flights from Germany were so I know we will survive!!

Friday: Okay so I am writing this Sunday morning so let's just say it took that long to recover. After being up since 4am Thursday morning with Kyra Dustin and I had intentions of going to bed a couple hours before midnight so we could have some sleep before we left. That idea was a failure so we finished loading the car and headed out without any sleep.

Less than 30 mins into the drive we started seeing deer, and lots of them. We literally saw over 100 in like 2 hours. So by the time we rolled into Lubbock after driving for 6 hours already we were exhausted and starving so we found an IHOP to grab some breakfast at!! During breakfast the sun started to come up and we got some good coffee, and we're ready to go for about another hour or two, just long enough to get to Amarillo by morning!! Haha!!

Dustin was exhausted, so he napped while I peed, walked the dog, nursed the baby and chilled so he could nap. After nap we ate at McDonald's before venturing onto the second half of the trip. After Amarillo all we wanted was to get out of Texas...I couldn't believe we had already been traveling around 12 hours and we're still in Texas. Finally we reached the border and went running into New Mexico!!

I ended up driving a lot of the way across New Mexico because Dustin was just too tired to go any further, so he napped again while I drove across New Mexico and into Colorado. Once we reached Trinidad the last 2 hours to My Grandmas house was an easy drive and we rolled into town just in time for dinner as planned. It was a long drive but I am so proud we stayed on track time wise the whole time.

We ate dinner and chatted a while before we couldn't possibly keep our eyes open another moment and passed out at the hotel!

Saturday: We got up way too early due to early bed, and the time difference. So the kids and I had A quick snack like breakfast and ended up falling back asleep a little while!! When we got back up we headed back over to Grandmas to have breakfast and went down to the river to play. Shade was scared of the water, and Kyra almost fell in, but it was fun!!

After lunch we headed out to Kami and Justin's!! We hit a little traffic but I was happy to have navigated to heir house no gps!! Kyra and the boys were so excited to play all evening!!

Sunday: We are heading to the park to play and picnic!! This morning before heading to see Beth and Dan!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

The one with another trip to the safari

Monday: We woke up had breakfast and started our week back on schedule, with school stuff!! Kyra wasn't very focused and started being crazy so it didn't last very long...and so her crazy naughty spell continues!! By the time she was supposed to take a nap I was exhausted and then of course Darren woke up from nap!! Kyra was in and out of her room being a brat the entire nap time and prompted mom to creat a behavior sticker chart. Now we are working on earning good stickers and not bad. Hoping it will cause her to work on behaving better!!  After Darren went back down for another nap, we  sat down and actually peacefully managed to do a couple cute crafts together!! Until half way through the naughty came back!! 

Finally Dustin came home and I was so happy to see him, I was about ready to run away!! We had dinner and I got my workout done!! And then I was sore and ready for bed.

Tuesday: I don't want to jinx it, but today Kyra seems to have woken up on the right side of the bed for a change!! We got up ate breakfast together and hug out until Darren woke up. When he woke up we decided to go in his room and play all morning until his first nap!! Everyone was so happy and had a good time playing!! 

Around lunch time we went out to check the mail and ran into our neighbors across the way for the first time really, and Kyra got to meet their grand daughter!! They are actually really nice people, and it's nice to actually know them finally!! 

The rest of the day was restful and Kyra was good the rest of the day. Even to the extent that she got to play at the park. And she left the park without complaint, and so she got ice cream too!! Hoping maybe she was just having a sick week and is back to her normal self!! Either that or the new sticker chart is actually working!!

Wednesday: We started out this morning early, got ready to go and headed out to go to the drive thru safari again with Christa and the kids!! It was nice and cool this time so all the animals were out, and hey hadn't done hay yet so we managed to have some animals that didn't show much interest in us the first time come see us. One of which was the camel. He was crazy. He put his entire head in the car, stole both bags of food paper bag and all, and we thought for a few mins that he had stolen one of Kyras monkeys too!! It was hilarious and hysterical all at once, needless to say that was enough action for us! 

Once we got home, we scarfed down lunch and took naps. And when Dustin got home we got groceries!! That was the gist of our day!!

Thursday: So the camel incident caused Kyra to be up every hour from like 2 on, and that mixed with an awful headache that I can't figure out the origin of had me up all night. Around 0530 I got up took a hot bath, Advil, and essential oils and was able to get a couple hours of sleep so the headache went away. But I was still exhausted, then just my luck Dustin bought me coffee, and accidently dropped it before I even got a it's gonna be a long day!! Just have chores to do and my taxes need to get done tonight!! 

Friday: Another day around the house, lots of playing with the kids, and little else got done. But I am pretty okay with that!! I seemed to have pulled a muscle during my workout Wednesday and it's sore, so I'm taking it easy until Monday and hopefully I'll be able to get right back to my workouts!! I feel so much happier and healthier when I can get a good workout in!! 

Saturday: Today is all about fall pictures, I have a little set up and am doing a couple cute pictures of my kids and Christas kids!! I don't have the best picture set up, but we wanted some done before I leave!! 

Sunday: It's been a long weekend with Dustin working the whole time, today we are just going to the park this morning, and that is all we have planned.