Thursday, April 30, 2015

30 things I will miss about Germany!!!

For those of you who may have missed out on my list I made and shared each day in the month of April!! This country is amazing and has so many great things!! If you ever get the chance to at least visit do it you will not regret it!! 

30 things I will miss about Germany:

1. Culture- There is so much of it here and each country around Germany also has lots. So much to learn about, so many new holidays to celebrate, just lots of fun!!

2. Festivals- Speaking of Holidays to celebrate, German are all Bout any reason to have a good time. There are festivals all year round, with plenty of tasty food and drinks to enjoy, and fun for all ages!!

3. Parks- We are talking about huge beautiful parks full of trees, ponds, flowers, and benches to sit and enjoy it all!! Or in my case to take pictures of people enjoying it!!

4. Castles- Germany has sooooooo many castles!! Just a quick ride down the Rhine and you will see a handful just on the banks of the river. And of course some that are more famous too!!

5. Driving on the autobahn- Not just because in sections of it you can go whatever speed you are comfortable with which can make up for lost time spent in staus, but also because Germans actually know how to drive and right lane is used only for passing which most the time keeps the flow of traffic going smoothly!!

6. Riding the trains- And for those trips where you just don't wanna drive the whole way, and places near by where it is frankly easier to jump on the train than find parking. 

7. Schnitzel- Yummy breaded pork topped with all kinds of yummy stuff!! My favorites are either the creamy sauce with mushrooms, or the onion sauce!!

8. Brats- One of my favorite festival foods!! Gotta love a fresh grilled German Brat covered in mustard!!

9. Farmers Markets- Mmmm fresh fruit and veggies, and cheese, and wine!! Need I say more?

10. Christmas Markets- If you have followed my blog for anytime you know that Christmas Markets are my favorite!!! It may be cold out but the cups of gluhwein, and the amazing treats you can get at these markets are worth going to one every day of December if you can mange it!!!

11. Bavarian Alps- Also if you know me and read my blog you know that we go down to the Alps every year it's so stunning!!

12. Fasching- Another German party!! Yup it's the Carnival of Germany. Everyone dresses up and goes to parades and enjoys themselves!!

13. Close travel to rest of Europe- I don't think this needs explanation, who doesn't want quick access to all of Europe? I know we sure made sure to take advantage as often as possible!!

14. Great wine and Beer- Seriously the best I have ever had, and we were lucky to live in the middle of wine country!! I even turned Dustin into a wine-o!!

15. Only restaurants open on Sunday- I love the idea of not having the rush of everyday life once a week, where you can go walk by all the stores in the market and just window shop without all the crowds!!

16. Cathedrals- These amazing buildings are all over Europe and they are stunning. The detail on both the insides and outsides are breathtaking. I can't even imagine how much work and effort went into building them all!! America has nothing like it!

17. Feeling of safety- Of course every country has plenty of their own problems, and no where is completely free of crime. But spending 3 years here I have never felt scared going out at night to walk the dog!

18. Friends- We are collectors of friends and have made so many new friends here both Military and German natives!! They are really what make the stay here so enjoyable!! From BBQs to traveling together we have made some pretty awesome memories!!

19. Our deep bathtub and tall toilets- This one may seem wierd but I love our bathtub I can climb in and be fully covered with water, it's amazing!! And the tall toilets are so nice specially when you are pregnant and not wanting to do squats!! Everytime we visit the states I about fall on my face!!
20. 4 day weekends once a month- This obviously being a military privilege, but it has sure made travel awesome!!

21. Bakeries- Omg there is one on like every corner down in town and I have yet to go to one that I didn't enjoy what we bought!! So delicious!! And the sandwiches are amazing!!

22. Cool playgrounds- Germans make the coolest playgrounds, things that make your kids really think how to use them and be creative, we even have fun playing at the parks here!!

23. Openness about breastfeeding- This is one thing I am most nervous about moving back to the states for. I have only known the amazingly supportive lifestyle of Europe and you get wierder looks when you do cover!!

24. Soccer- Dude, soccer all over Europe is very popular!! And they sure know how to celebrate their wins!!

25. No billboards- Something so little that most people don't even notice but you can go on road trips and enjoy the clutter free scenery!

26. Walking trails- They are everywhere and well used. You can walk almost anywhere in Germany if you wanted to!

27. All of the history- Europe as we all know is full of amazing History, make sure you read up the day before you leave to visit another town!! Or stop into the tourist office located in each town!! Makes the trip so much more fulfilling!! 

28. Ice cream trucks- Mmm fresh ice cream and Gilato none of that nonsense Popsicle business!!

29. Fresh pizza- Okay, not the stuff you get delivered to your house but the ones you get at pizzerias!! Our favorite was the steak and asparagus pizza at Joeys in Mainz!

30. German songs- Even tho we have no idea what they are saying their music is catchy!!!

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