Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Bowers

Saying "See you later" as everyone eventually does in the military, never gets easier!! The great thing about the military is getting to move around and see new things and meet lots of amazing people!! We collect friends, and have them all over the world!! Its an amazing experience and allows you to really get to know other cultures, and people, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. But I do hate having to move away from people who become dear to you!!

Julie is one of those people. She is an absolute sweet heart and was there for me willingly going out to pose for pictures when I first started doing them for other people. And honestly that first shoot of her is one of my favorites I did in the fields outside of town!! I have grown a lot since than and have been incredibly lucky to see her grow too!! She has gotten married and now has the cutest little daughter!! Her family is growing and will soon be a lot closer to each other and I am so happy for her!

I am sad that we will both be going seperate ways in a couple months, but like many other friends we have had to say "See you later" to I know I will indeed see her again in the future!!

Okay enough with the sappy rant...back to the real point of this blog, their most current photo-shoot!!

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