Monday, April 6, 2015

The one with hurricane winds

Monday: We had crappy weather and just errands to run! Darren had his 2 month dr appointment. Found out he is at 16.6 lbs and 25 inches long!! In the 99% for everything, such a big boy!!! He had to get a handful of shots too. And than slept most of the rest of the day. Poor guy just wanted cuddles!!

Tuesday: Well it was still super windy!! I am talking 93 mph winds and uprooted trees!! It just was a day to stay inside!! So most the day we just hung out at home, but daddy was home over lunch so I pawned the kids off onto him and went to the px ALONE it was like a mini vacation after being trapped in for days with bad weather!! I picked up most the Easter goodies while I was out!!

Wednesday: It was time for MOPS again!! We all like going, mommy enjoys the toddler free time, Darren enjoys being swooned over, and Kyra gets play time, everyone wins!! This weeks topic really got me thinking, we were discussing raising brave kids. And it made me realize that we need to encourage Kyra to live more bravely!! So we have been letting her try to do things on her own more and I think she is really enjoying the trust we are giving her!!

She was mad that we wouldn't let her drive to Frankfurt!

Thursday: We have been putting this off over a year, but it needed to get done. So we drove all the way into Frankfurt to the Honda dealership and got a new key for the car ordered since ours broke in two!! And idk we waited so long we drove in showed them our paper work and it got ordered all in like 15 mins. Now we just go back this coming week to pick it up!! Than we will have two keys that work, one that just happens to be broken!!

Friday: It was finally nice after the crazy storm had hit Germany!! We went to an Easter event that was sponsored by USO!! It was nice to grab a hotdog, chips and soda! We also got a couple free books! They had an egg hunt, but it wasn't real well planned so Kyra only ended up with 4 eggs!! But was more excited about playing with all the kids at the park afterwards!! If you follow me on facebook you already heard this story, but as part of our convo from MOPS about bravery I decided to sit back and let Kyra play at the park on her own and just watch rather than being involved the whole time even tho there was kids everywhere. And in the process she ended up making an older friend who kept an eye on her while they were playing!! Such a sweet, and polite little girl!!

Saturday: Wouldnt you know it we thought we had escaped the wet weather when all of a sudden it was back!! There was another Easter egg hunt function but we decided it was just too cold and wet to be out in the weather and opted instead to come home and dye eggs. And boy am I glad we did I ended up with a crappy headache and passed out with Darren for a couple hours!! It was nice to have a lazy day!! The eggs turned out really cute, so keep an eye out probably tomorrow for our Easter blog!!

Sunday: Happy Easter!!! Or how they say it here in Germany, Frohe Ostern!! We spent our morning hanging out, dancing, and playing with the goodies the bunny left us!! Than we all got in our Easter outfits and headed over to our friends house for a BBQ! They had so much good food, and tons of little girls Kyras age!! She was so excited!! They also had something like 300 eggs to hide for only like 8 or something like that kids!! It was so much fun and I know Kyra was way more excited cuZ she had a chance to get a hang of it before they were all gone!! And than we decided to run to Frankfurt while the weather held out to go to the spring festival!! This festival is the longest running festival in Frankfurt dating back to the 14th century!! Lots of fun rides and yummy treats as usual!! Pictures will also be in tomorrow's blog!!

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