Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Prepping for the move: 50 days to go

Guess what guess what guess what!!!!!

Did you guess?

Well if you guessed we finally got orders......

Your wrong. 

Ugh we only have 50 days now. I really wanted our stuff shipped 6 weeks out so we wouldn't end up getting to Texas and have to buy air mattresses and sheets and try to get everyone to sleep on them!! Sounds really not fun! But seeing as this coming week is 6 weeks out and we don't have orders guess that isn't happening. 

So again not much has happened in the last 10 days. Shade got her Rabies booster so she will be ready to fly.

And we have set up don't pack zones for things we are going to keep until the last week here and ship in UAB (unaccompanied baggage) a smaller shipment of stuff. Things like a pot, a couple pans, extra tv, some pillows, a few toys etc....just to make life live able until we leave. We have sorted out the things in the kitchen. Just gotta wait and see how much luggage we each get, and how many we can find to use than we can set up our clothes we don't want packed in Darren's room and be fully ready for the movers to come!!

With any luck this coming week will become the beginning of this journey. Dustin begins clearing post mid next month so it would be nice to have all the other appointments that have to do with the move out of the way before he has to do all that.

See you in 10 days hopefully with more to show for the time that has passed!!

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