Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Prepping for the move: 40 days to go.

So it only took forever, but we finally got our stinking orders!! It was a real hassle to wait that long and somehow at least for me just having that silly piece or paper in my hand eliminated half the stress!! Now my list making can and has gone crazy.

I have a daily to do list made each night, moving things we didn't get done the day prior down on the list. And than writing Dustin his own to do list to take with him each day!! So much to get done in just 40 days but I like the idea of keeping busy.

Since we got orders Friday we have already accomplished so much!!

We have managed to get our plane tickets, and much to our surprise we land right in Killeen so that is awesome!! And we even got Shades spot reserved no problem!! 
We scheduled the drop off our car for the end of this week. The thought of not having the car for a while on both ends is a little stressful, but I know we will manage just fine.
We have an appointment with household goods and a tentative pack out date for next week!!

So lots going on and I am so glad to see things getting done!! By the time we get to our 30 day countdown we will be with out most of our personal possessions, have probably a couple rooms cleaned and ready for move out!! Time is flying, can't wait to get to Texas and start exploring!! 

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