Friday, April 17, 2015

The one when we finally got orders

You read that right....orders finally. Means my 40 day update is gonna be a lot more interesting, or so I think.

This week leading up to it wasn't very entertaining...just a lot of hanging at the house, a little outdoor playtime, and a lot of sorting and cleaning so when we finally set a date for the movers we would be ready...half the house is prepped.

So the only real exciting things to talk about is we went to the German park down the street on Wednesday, Kyra loves that park because it has a huge sand pit. Unfortunately we don't have any sand toys. But when we got there, there was a little girl only a bit older than her already there playing!! And after a little translating by her Oma they were busy building sand castles together!! And later climbing on toys together, and litterally climbing on each other. It's funny how at that age they have no sense of like a bubble, but it makes for quite the entertainment!!

Than Thursday daddy was chasing down our orders and making sure we got them by Friday. So was home early. So we got to all go sit on the sidewalk in the sun and play with chalk for a little while :)

And Friday well not my favorite day this week. I woke up and was in a super good mood, left the house kid free and really feeling empty handed, to go to the dr. I had a quick check up and was sent to the lab for blood work and the pharmacy for a prescription. I waited maybe 5-10 mins at the lab which is to be expected. But than proceeded to wait over an hour at the pharmacy for something that should have been prepackaged and everything. The pharmacist said the dr hasn't put it in yet, so I was patient for an hour. But reached a point that I couldn't leave Darren at home so close to nap without being able to be fed. So I was going to be courteous and tell the lady I had to go and would come back later. But she was no where to be found, just to see her on my way out chit chatting with a friend in the hallway...not that my time means anything. So needless to say I went home empty handed, hopefully Dustin can pick it up Monday. But I didn't come home to the great news that we finally after weeks and weeks of waiting we had orders. Man the army is really good at making people wait for things!! You'd think by now I'd have an exceptional tolerance and patience. But I don't.

Finally it was the weekend and boy was I ever thankful for that!! And we had lots on our to do list to get crossed off this weekend!! So we started out pretty early Saturday with a trip to Frankfurt to once again try and pick up our car key. Just to be turned away with an appointment for Wednesday to try many times we will drive there and home unnessesarraly due to the fact they fail to communicate with us over the phone. Thanks Honda!!! And than on our way home swung by the grocery store for a few extra items before our little BBQ with friends!!  Which was so much fun, and a well needed break from thinking about the move.

Sunday we didn't have much but pcs prep stuff to do. So we took a quick trip to base to check out the Spring Bazaar, and pick up a few German things before we move away!

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