Thursday, December 31, 2015

KonMarie Declutter series: My clothes

Okay this was the hardest section to get done!! I needed to wash all my clothes and have them in one place. So after weeks of washing and rewashing I finally all my clothes in one place!!! And it was a shock to see how much I really own!! And I only wear a small portion of it. Well I wore some just because they were clean and comfy but they didn't even fit. So here is where we began!!!

Yes here was totes of clothes, shelves of clothes, and hangers full of clothes...oh lord and to think I got rid of a bunch before we move here. Idk where all the clothes comes from.

Here is after the first round of pulling out stuff I don't wear, use, or fit into.

Sell stuff

Donate stuff

Keep stuff

Then I hung everything up and did another pull out of stuff that doesn't bring me joy any longer.

Everything I am donating!! 

Everything I am keeping!!!

I also did my underwear drawers, and this one shocked me. I knew I had lots of underwear as it filled two drawers, but seeing them all in one place made me realize it was time to get rid of stuff!!




I feel so good after this Declutter it may seem like I don't have much left, but everything I have I could grab today and wear and be happy in it!!!

Breastfeeding adventures part 4

I can't believe I am already starting to write this, because that means we are pretty much done with this adventure :( and that makes me really sad!! Breastfeeding to me is the most special form of bonding!!!

I nursed both kids until 1 year and they both self weened because they liked whole milk and how fast it came out!! Bittersweet, but even tho I miss our special cuddle time, I do enjoy having my body back and knowing I can sleep in any day without having to get up and nurse first. 

Darren latched right away without problem. He was nursing from day one like it was no problem. And we had no problems the entire journey that is until 10 months. He had recently started getting teeth and at first I associated the nipple pain I was getting to him having new teeth and his latch changing. It took me a couple weeks until the pain literally wasn't bareable, to realize something was a little off. He didn't seem to be bothered but I was having to count down from 10 to get through each nursing session and changing was so painful. That was about when I noticed a little bit of white on his cheek.

Thrush!! I knew it right away, never thought we would get it. I always thought thrush was something that tiny babies got, and had no idea that at 10 months we could still get it. So we headed to Urgent care to get some Meds. We were on Meds for 4 weeks. The stuff didn't seem to be working. One of us would get it cleared up and the other would still have it and it would come back to the other one. At this point we were already at 11 weeks. The pain was still out of control. Finally I started giving Darren whole milk once a day so I could catch a break with one less nursing session. And that was the catch. It helped so much and we finally cleared up thrush completely. 

However, he had already gotten his taste of milk. And it didn't take long for us to be down to just once in the morning and once before bed. At that point I wanted him to want to nurse those times, I wanted to keep our little bit of quiet time. But by the time he turned one he only wanted to nurse before bed to help him get sleepy. I was so sad, but was gonna let him go at that for as log as he needed it. But within a week or two he was done. He self weaned and we are both okay with that. We did try to relactate when he got sick, and was miserable. But he just kept pushing the boob away. 

Extended feeding isn't for us, we both like our independence and that is great, but he still comes to me for cuddles and loving and that works for me!!!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Resolutions 2016 and 2015 review

Wow, I am so very sure that each year goes by faster and faster, and each year I'm busier too!! December sure went out with a bang and really has me thinking. I love to sit down and set goals and plan out my year so I know I am always moving forward and upward!! I swear I get more ambitious each year! 

With that being said let's take a quick review of last years resolutions, and see where we are now...

Give Birth to a Happy Healthy baby Boy. At 11 lbs I would say that mission was accomplished!

Blog 3x a week: I will admit this one slowly dwindled towards the end of the year when we went on vacation for a month, and then got back and life got hectic!!

Get back in Shape. Now I am not a fitness model, but I feel much more comfortable in my skin then I did this time last year!! And that makes me happy!!

Move and settle into Texas. Took a while, but I really like all the new friends I am making, and have finally got my Photography really going strong now!! 

Do 24 shoots. This one has been accomplished with 28 sessions this year!! Which is phenomenal considering I only worked like 6 months!! Feeling very proud of this!!

Have a substantial Savings by December. With an international move, and tons of other unexpected purchases this one unfortunately is not where we want it to be!

52 week Challenge. I quit the one I had started early into the year, just had too much going on with a new born and a big move.

Get organized and declutter. As usual this one is always on my list and each year I get something else organized to a point it stays that way....but I have yet to figure out the solution to the whole is to next year lol!!

2015 has been quite the year for our little squad!! We finally got to meet Darren and have fallen madly in love!! We moved across the entire world!! And I got Moment in Paradise photography turned into an official business!! Although I didn't fully accomplish all my resolutions I am very happy with what got done considering the big changes we have dealt with!! 

So as usual my list is long and outrageous!! And who knows what the year will bring with it, but here's to hoping these will be easy to complete!!

24 sessions.
Fix financial situation.
Keep up fitness routine.
KonMarie Method.
Read 12 books.
Get good grades.
Keep up with Blogs, and YouTube. And provide some new content.
Do a catch up day once a month.

Stay tuned for updates as the year progresses!! Hopefully it will be a successful year!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The first week of December

Monday: Today we had a very super exciteing day our friends the Cordell's were passing through while visiting friends we got to meet them for some play time and lunch!! It was so much fun to see them and  although it has been a year we picked back up like it had just been yesterday!! I look forward to the fact they may be living near by pretty soon!!

Tuesday: We spent about an hour at a play date with new friends!! It was so cute to see Darren playing with other kids his age!! After that we spent most the day, just playing with the pups!

Wednesday: Okay so it's been a very lazy week, more time has been spent doing nothing, then productive stuff. Our washing machine is in the fritz, but hopefully I can get it to work today!

Thursday: Mommy got everything set up for her studio and made the kids model!! And I have to say this little bandana we got from our new friends is too cute. I am going to buy more!! Also going to work with Victoria do a photo shoot and help her get more clients in the door!!

Friday: It has been a long week and we finished it off with cuddles and a drink!!

Saturday & Sunday: We had a pretty uneventful weekend. We did manage to go see Olaf, and run to Target. Oh and we went geocaching, that was fun!!