Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The first week of December

Monday: Today we had a very super exciteing day our friends the Cordell's were passing through while visiting friends we got to meet them for some play time and lunch!! It was so much fun to see them and  although it has been a year we picked back up like it had just been yesterday!! I look forward to the fact they may be living near by pretty soon!!

Tuesday: We spent about an hour at a play date with new friends!! It was so cute to see Darren playing with other kids his age!! After that we spent most the day, just playing with the pups!

Wednesday: Okay so it's been a very lazy week, more time has been spent doing nothing, then productive stuff. Our washing machine is in the fritz, but hopefully I can get it to work today!

Thursday: Mommy got everything set up for her studio and made the kids model!! And I have to say this little bandana we got from our new friends is too cute. I am going to buy more!! Also going to work with Victoria do a photo shoot and help her get more clients in the door!!

Friday: It has been a long week and we finished it off with cuddles and a drink!!

Saturday & Sunday: We had a pretty uneventful weekend. We did manage to go see Olaf, and run to Target. Oh and we went geocaching, that was fun!! 

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