Monday, November 30, 2015

The one I finally got fully back in my routine

Monday: Okay so vacation kind of made it hard for me to keep up with these blogs like I had wanted to, so after the first week I decided I would just post the rest of the pictures in one big blog probably sometime this week. And then the first week back was crazy with Dustin in the field and me alone with the kids so that week just was kind of a blur. But in the end we are finally pretty much back in a more regular routine. I swear every year our lives get busier and busier it's crazy. And this year is almost coming to an end already. So Today really wasn't very eventful...the kids and I stayed home and hung out all day. And after bedtime Dustin and I did our first weight lifting routine and it was hard but awesome!! I love new workouts and being sore!!

Tuesday: Even tho I started today out without coffee, ugh and was really grumpy, mostly cuz Kyra was sick and I didn't have enough energy to deal with it. But after she threw up a couple times she was feeling better and the day started to shape up. Kyra and I decided to take on the day and cleaned and decluttered her room!! It was time to get it done before Christmas presents next month!! After the kids were in bed I went to a movie with my friend Natalie with the money I won't at Bunco this month!!

Wednesday: Still no coffee today, I need to grind the beans and just don't feel like doing it right now lol. I managed to get my chores done, and also cleaned Darren's room which isn't hard, but I did actually clean the toy storage my neighbor gave us which was a project in its self!! After lunch I finished cleaning the rest of the house!! Once the kids were in bed Dustin and I prepped all our dishes and made a homemade pie!! It is ugly but it tasted awesome!! Gonna have to make more pies now that we have a good crust recipe!!! And a pie pan!

Thursday: It's thanksgiving, we left pretty early this morning and headed to Doug and Ambers house in Dallas. I have gotten terrible about taking pictures when I should, but later if Amber posts them, she took a few pictures of the kids eating!! It was such good food, and amazing company. It had been 6 years since our last thanksgiving with family. It has always been just us or our military family!! After dinner we watched movies and listened to the kids tell bedtime stories. Kyra and Hannah (who are literally two peas in a pod) wanted to have a sleep over an were up past 10 before we gave up and split them up so they would actually get some sleep.

Friday: We got up and headed out around 9:30 so we wouldn't be in their hair too long, and so we could get out I case we hit traffic which always seems to happen. But we managed to not hit any on he way home it was smooth sailing for a change. I guess people just wanted to sit at home and be fat!! Once we got home we stayed in all night and just kept warm on yet another soggy day.

Saturday: After what felt like the longest two weeks because we were broke we finally got paid so we could buy groceries, a Christmas tree, and a dog. Oh yeah we adopted a doggy!! Shade needed a friend, and Darren needed his own doggy too!! After many trips to the shelter we finally found a perfect match. After we picked her out we came home to introduce her to Shade. It actually went very smoothly. And by the end of the day they were playing all night. Oh and we finally decided on a name, Freyja.

Sunday: We decided maybe the new dog needed some things of her own so we ran to the store to stock up on doggy stuff. We may be officially broke again but at least we are a complete family and everyone is happy.

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