Monday, June 22, 2015

The super busy and super fun week!!!

Monday: So it's the beginning of one of the busiest weeks of the summer and all great things, we are all gonna be so exhausted by the time Sunday rolls around, and next week has quite a bit going on too, with the arrival of house hold goods, meeting our new doctor, and 4th of July!! Today we spent the morning cleaning kitchen, and hanging out just relaxing and enjoying the day. Then after lunch Kyra and Darren took a power nap, before leaving to spend the afternoon swimming!! We swam for around 3 hours and had so much fun with all our new friends!! Even managed to get Kyra to swim on her own with floaties!! Took a while but she finally managed to get the courage to let go, and play and there was no going back!! Afterwards it seems that Darren and I were more worn out than Kyra was, Darren passed out at 630 and I felt like I could be right behind him, but had to go buy different floaties for the kids to use tomorrow because the cheap ones we bought just weren't working out. So I bought new cheap ones to replace them and we all know how that's likely to go!

Tuesday: We went swimming again, but this time outside. I was so paranoid with both kids, and how pale they are. So I kept them covered in sunscreen but I guess during lunch break when I put more on them I didn't put more on me, and well inevitably I got burnt, luckly just my shoulders, back and shins, my face survived which is good because I hate that the most!! We spent the evening enjoying some fun family time, including trying to get Darren to sit up and roll over more, he is kinda lazy!! Then I showered and covered my entire body in aloe and passed out!!

Wednesday: Was our only lazy day!! We spent the whole day at home not doing a whole lot just hanging out!! I was recovering from the sunburn and didn't feel very good all morning. Then I got something's done around the house before vegging out the rest of the evening. We all needed the day to just cuddle and hangout!! 

Thursday: What a long and eventful day we had. We got up and were out the door by 6 am and on our way to Dallas to pick up your CRV and to have a lovely visit with my family!! We grabbed coffee and aside from a slightly stalker weird trucker on our way, it was a pretty easy drive there, both kids were calm until the last few mins and that was okay!! The Vehicle Processing Center was very organized and had us in and out in less than 30 mins!! And on our way to Doug and Ambers house!! We had so much fun at Amber and Doug's we played games, ate delicious food, played in a pool, and played with lots and lots of toys!! It was a really loud day with 1 older kid, 3 toddlers, and 2 babies running around!! But it was so great to get all the cousins together and to see them all playing nicely together!! We were very sad to leave but amazing little Hannah gave Kyra a few toys to play with until her stuff gets here!! Then we were on our way back home. After filling up the tank we headed to jump on the 35 home. And that is where the worst part of the day began. Darren started screaming not even 5 mins down the road, and since we had both cars, I was alone in a car with two kids who were overly tired and wouldn't sleep. We were stuck in hellish traffic for 1.5 hours just trying to get out of town and Darren screamed the whole way even after a little stop part of the way for some cuddles. Finally on the other side of town we stopped and had an ice cream cone and calmed down again. Then back on the road as it was already getting late. So if you have ever ridden with me you may know there are three things that make me white knuckle drive and I absolutely hate. Those being, passing semis and them passing me, driving at night, and driving alone. And I had all 3 of those combined the entire last 3 hours. And I was not happy about it at all. I just wanted to be home and done. Plus all 3 combined in construction zones, thin roads, and roads that would go all over the place and be uneven etc....was just terrible. And to pile on it was getting really late and I was tired, never been happier to put my feet on the ground at home!!

Friday: All morning we spent cleaning house, supervising lawn mowing, and resting up for a late night of fun!! Around 4 Lynnette, Juan and Rosalie rolled into town!! We spent lots of time just chatting, and then had Hooters for dinner with Coggans another friend of ours from Hawaii!! It was so nice catching up and then of course we came back to he house for a few drinks and a game of cards against humanity!! It was also extremely cute to see that my best friends daughter and Kyra got along super well!! Like they could be the same little person!! I absolutely adore them both. They even did potty breaks from playing together!! It's so sad to me that they are leaving right away and will be in Arizona!! We are going to HAVE to hang out more often so the two get chance to grow up together, I see a best friendship happening!!

Saturday: We started the morning off with a bang...litterally!! We had an early morning storm roll through around 4:30-5 am and had Dustin and I both awake and enjoying it but the kids didn't even move. So we got back to sleep for a little while. We lazed out all morning, then went to pet stores to look at fish because we are getting Kyra a fish once our stuff gets moved in and unpacked!! After that we had lunch and picked up trash cans and hampers from Walmart!! After a lazy log nap everyone sleeping on the couch we decided to use the gift card my mom sent for Dustin's birthday at Olive Garden!! It was very tasty, as it always seems to be!! Then came home for baths and bed!! Such a lovely lazy day we had!

Sunday: We have decided that unless we have other plans, Sunday's will be for geocaching!! We are getting so close to reaching our 100 geocache mark and are very excited!! Today we set out with a list of 20 we wanted to get. Of the twenty we found 8. We just weren't having any luck :( 8 sounds good but considering we were out for 4 hours it wasn't....oh well that 8 left us with only 8 more to reach the mark, so hopefully we will get there next Sunday!! Now off to go clean up the house and cook dinner before the movers come tomorrow!! So so so excited that tonight is my last day sleeping on the couch I have missed my bed he last 2 months!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The one we finally got internet back

Monday: Well after a week of no internet we woke up eager for the Time Warner guy to come sometime from 8-2300. It hasn't been terrible but I am really eager to get emails checked and see what is going on with our bank account. The kids and I spent the morning playing together and just hanging out. I don't know if I mentioned last week, but we have fire ants and are currently trying to fight them so we are staying out of the yard until they are gone. While the kids were hanging out I cleaned and organized the kitchen a little better. Then we all had yummy lunch, and a nap. Darren is either growing again or back on a schedule, because he took a nice 3 hour nap! In the afternoon we sat and continued to wait for the Internet guy. And played and colored and all that fun stuff to keep the kids happy. Dustin came home, and we had some pretty tasty dinner, and Kyra actually ate everything off her plate!! So we got to have a bunch of strawberries for dessert!! And then the wait continued.....and continued...until finally Dustin had had enough and started calling and calling them. It took until 11pm to get a solution to the problem. And we got 5 dollars off our monthly rate for the year, plus a $20 credit on our account. And an appointment for between 8-9 am tomorrow.

Tuesday: We woke up ready to take the day on happy and fresh wih the promise of Internet by no later than 9 am. And what to our surprise but no one showed up by 9 am. Guess who that pissed off....yeah so needless to say we got a nice review for them. They finally came around 630 and we were connected by 7. Finally!! After which Kyra and Dustin ran to Walmart while I put Darren to bed. They went for coffee and filters, and came back with new pajamas and a hat!! But all is fair, she does look stinking cute in it! Then we were off to bed, and ready for the storm if it decides to hit!!

Wednesday: So tropical storm Bill, no big deal!! We got some rain and I have some cute pictures of Kyra playing in it, and that was about it. Wednesday's wasn't too exciting. We hung out at home as usual, and the went to pick up more stuff we needed!!! HURRY UP HOUSEHOLD GOODS!!! And had dinner at Old Chicago! And that was our day.

Thursday: Started out like any normal day, but we got to Skype with Tami and Preston!! Which of course was fun!! Then in the afternoon we ran downtown and bought a washer and dryer finally!!! Now we can wash clothes without going to a laundry mat! And the. We got to sit and enjoy our first real storm here, and make sure Kyra has no reason to be scared of the thunder!! 

Friday: Was a pretty relaxed day. We had our home inspection in the morning which was awkward to no end considering she was taking pictures and looking at every nook and cranny of our home while we were just sitting here. I don't know but I feel like that was something that should have been done before we moved in. We did however get great news! Neither our household goods nor car were on the boat involved in the fire. And both are either here or will be very soon!! So we planned our pick up of the car next Thursday when we will already be up in Dallas, and hopefully Monday the 29th they will be able to bring us our household goods, still waiting to hear when they arrive and to schedule drop off!! So excited. Friday afternoon the washer and dryer were delivered yay for clean clothes. And we ran out to get Dustin a GPS for geocaching this weekend!! Which was far more of an adventure as the first two stores we went to didn't have any!! Finally Gander Mt. Did and we were out too late to go home and cook. So we went to IHOP! Then home for bed time and a little workout!! Woot getting back on track slowly...July is going to be intense I am going to start lifting with Dustin!!

Saturday: Woke up early with Darren and Dustin went and got Donuts!! Yummo, then around 10 we packed up the kids and went on our first Geocaching adventure in Texas!! We are going to be making video clips and that will be our first vlog for you all to enjoy!! I hope you are excited!! So not two or three or blocks from the house the battery died so video clips, just two snap shots from Dustin camera phone. Tomorrow we will be more prepared and have more pictures of the crazyness!! On our adventure we did in the city around our neighborhood, and well let's just say between bad cords, and too many muggles, we were not very successful and kinda frustrated with it. So we took the kids home had lunch and looked for some out in the country to try instead. So we found a series called Loop 43. That had 13 caches along a stretch of county road near town. We were actually pretty successful getting all but 5 I believe. And while we were out we managed to see quite a variety of wildlife. Giant spiders, teeny tiny frogs, squirrels, deer including a tiny baby, long horn cows, and a few red birds which we weren't sure what they were. It was very eventful, and had Dustin and I squirming most the time after we saw the spider. After the CR we headed back into town and with the help of a fixed cord we managed to find the Peter Pettigrew Harry Potter themed cache!! In a rubber eat!! Kudos to Kyra for the find!! After that we were all very exhausted so came home for dinner and to hang out until bedtime when we found out Darren is madly in love with the stuffed moose we bought him yesterday!! As he fell asleep cuddling with it over me!!

Sunday: It's Fathers Day and Dustin's birthday!! Quite a fun day for everyone in our house!! We woke up and went to our favorite coffee place, yes we have been here all of freaking 3 weeks and have a favorite coffee place, it's that important. And we got breakfast and coffee!! If yall know me I don't cook breakfast it's just not my thing. I make it for dinner sometimes but I don't cook in the am. And then we went and got our groceries for the week :) after which we came home to do Dustin's favorite thing, NAP! Our afternoon was very relaxed because storms kept rolling through, so we just hung out most the evening, we did make a quick trip to West Hood to see where Dustin works. But that was all. And then we had Taco Casserole for Dinner a favorite of Dustin's!! And cupcakes for dessert!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

The one we moved into our new house

Monday: most the day the kids and I just hung out at the hotel, did laundry and played together. Dustin was home around 3 and we ran to take out the money we needed for the house tomorrow, and to buy something cheap to make for dinner and lunch. Ugh this move has done a number on our bank account. And we haven't even gotten to go shopping for fun stuff. Once the sun had gone behind the building so the kids won't be in direct sun, we took them out swimming. And Dustin took a bath with them afterwards to warm up while I cooked dinner. Then everyone was off to bed.

Tuesday: We had a lazy day and enjoyed our last full day in the hotel. At 4 we went to the rental office and signed the contract for the house, afterwards we went over to the house to eat dinner but didn't stay long as the electricity was turned off still and the house was hot. We went back over to the hotel and got all our bags packed up and Dustin brought them to the house.

Wednesday: We started out with our last breakfast with Dustin, then Kyra and I did a once over the whole hotel and got everything by the door ready to go, and vegged out on the last TV we may watch for weeks. During lunch break Dustin swung by and grabbed us and we were off to the house. While Dustin was at work I got the power set up, finished most of the pre inspection form, dealt with the bug people, and guys who came to change the locks. And still managed to get little man down for a couple naps. The day seemed to last forever, but Shade and Kyra got to enjoy a little time in the back yard playing! Finally Dustin came home, and got ahold of the lady we are buying our couch from, and Jane and got everything arranged to go pick it up. Then ran out to pick up money and dinner!! We finally got the house and had somewhere to sit other than the floor. And made a quick trip to Walmart for blankets, and other things we need to get through until Friday! 

Thursday: We ran all sorts of errands, got the water turned on talked to Time warner and picked a plan, and Dustin even went and picked up the box which turns out to be useless and they can only come Monday to fix it!! We ended the day with Kyra and Dustin getting pizza and playing in the yard before bath and bed!!

Friday: As we were up early and haven't had breakfast food from a restaurant in some time...okay like a year we left  o go to Denny's, and which was closed due to remodeling. So we went across the way to IHOP which had a 20 plus min wait so we decided coffee and donuts at a shop down the street from our house was good enough. We finally got paid, and went to the store to get groceries!! It is so nice to eat meals that don't consist of fast food. After groceries Dustin finished a few things he needed to do on post, and we ran to Target. For our first time really shopping here in years we managed to escape with just 100 dollars worth of stuff most of which we needed!! We even got a sweet ass coffee machine that was on sale. The thing makes ice coffee!!! And holds the coffee inside so you can just push the button and it comes out into your cup. Haha the things that excite a coffee addict. The rest of the evening consisted of fresh green beans, homemade meatballs, and Spaghetti!! Followed by outside play bath and bed!! Oh forgot to mention my awesome new friend gave us a couple pots and a pan to cook with!! Thank heaven we are so excited for real food!!!

Saturday: So as you know we have pretty much nothing to our name right now, so we are spending a lot of time shopping!! Well today we went to Ross and got a few thigs to make our house look homey until our stuff gets here. We got some pretty cool stuff which I'll show later when I do a house tour type thing. But for now you can see Shades new bed, the dog is pretty much only laying in it or outside, she is so happy with it!! And since the new couch rule is no dogs on it she has been doing great!! We also couldn't resist the craving for chipotle. I mean doesn't it look awesome!! Then we just came home and spent the afternoon at home playing with the kids!! And I got to have my first outing here. Darren came with me and we went to a painting with a twist party!! It was so much fun!

Sunday: Our goal for the future is to not spend money on Sunday's and do things like geocaching, swimming in a lake, or get the gist. But today we didn't follow that rule yet, and we ran out to the mall to go see what was there, and to pick me up some shorts because I own like none. And we'll turns out the mall doesn't open until 12 so we just drank coffee checked out stores and went to Ross. I grabbed a few pairs of shorts there and then we swang by Walmart to look for Frogg Toggs to keep the kids cool but ended up with just salsa for dinner and a book for Kyra. Finally we came home and I made fajitas and Dustin went to the laundry mat and did some clothes. After dinner we splashed in the puddles and everyone was off to bed. Ready for our first full week in our empty but nice new house.