Thursday, February 21, 2013

My closet post Frank Lee!!

      So as to prove I am not insane I got all the clothes in my house cleaned and put away than took to getting rid of stuff. I have a massive pile that my friends are coming to look through today. But yet some how I don't feel like I got rid of enough. Maybe I wasn't being Frank enough with myself about what I needed to keep. But for now it will help at least everything fit in the closet now, and the drawers aren't over filling!! The closet is kind of small so its good enough for now..I will probably get the urge to get rid of more later. I am going to do the backwards hanger thing and stuff I don't use by end of the summer. That isn't winter clothes. Will go in the fall.

Before the closet was stuffed full!

The dresser was unable to shut it was so full.

Not a huge difference but It is a start.

You can see the bottom of the drawer!!

All the clothes that are being given away!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I am coining a new term.

       Call me nerdy if you want, but sometimes I say things to Kyra....haha its the new way to talk to yourself without looking completely insane. But sometimes when I am having these conversations I think man that is so smart. And I think about it like crazy and think who can I tell this without looking utterly insane?  Well my crazy blog followers that is who!!!

    So the term your waiting to hear all about is Frank Lee. Hahaha it makes no since now, but this is my new word for spring cleaning. Because I am starting to believe that spring is not ever gonna come. So I am not going to put off the cleaning due to the weather. So this way of calling it will make it so I can Frank Lee my closet any time of the year.

    So why did I choose to call it Frank Lee you ask. Well cuz I thought it would be more imaginative than Frankly haha. But what it means to Frank Lee your closet is to take a look at every article of clothing in your closet and remember back to when you got it, if you wear it, if it fits, and if you need it. A lot of things in my closet are there cuz I think someday this will fit when "frank lee" I need to just get rid of it. Or they haven't fit/nor have I worn it in years, and "frank lee" I am just holding on to it cuz it holds memories or something.

   So I am currently in the process of Frank Lee'ing my closet. First step is to wash all my clothes and put them away. Than I am gonna take a good look at each thing and get it out of my closet. I was starting this and trying to sell stuff but as I was doing this I realized its not worth the hassle. Besides I would rather have my friends have my clothes for free. So if you are reading this and live in the area and want a chance to go through all the clothes I am going to be giving away let me know!! I will set up a time for you to come scavenge!!  There is gonna be some good stuff!!

   Than after everyone goes through what they want the rest will get donated to some greater good!! "Pat on the Back" Well I hope you all have a good time reading my random rambling. And maybe take my inspiration and Frank Lee your closet too!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Project 52: Still Life

          Sorry I keep skipping things in the order of this challenge. But some are really hard to take like the city lights, it is VERY rare that I am out late enough to see the city lights. And the fog is hard to get unless you are up and outside early in the morning. So I will eventually find a time to take both those pictures by the end of the year just obviously not on time.

         With that this weeks theme is Still Life something I can do in the comfort of my own home! I was thinking about all the original idea's I could come up with. But than my husband came home Valentines night with these beautiful yellow roses. And it was all I could do to not take 1000's of pictures. I don't get flowers very often so when I do I get really excited.

         But sadly as my friend has been helping me work with my camera she is going to be disappointed that I used my auto on this picture it seems that it focuses better on close ups when it is on that setting. Cuz it won't let me use the Macro button on manual. But I have been using Manual 90% of the time now as I understand what it all means now.

Here is my picture of the rose:

1/70   f3.1    iso 400
I am happy to know that if I read those number I have a better chance of replicating this picture on my own in Manual.

For complete list of all pictures from my Project 52 follow this link to Resolutions which has links to all of my project 52 blogs.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baby Memories

      So about well probably like 7 months ago now, I started this project. I knew I wanted to keep the outfit Kyra came home in. But I wanted to display all her stuff not just have it set in a drawer to reminisce over on my own. I want all my friends and family to enjoy the memories with me. So I found this great shadow box project online and knew it was going to be the perfect way to do this.

Than the search was on. Living here in Germany there isn't any hobby lobby or stores like that around so to find a shadow box was going to be a lot of work. And ordering one offline was going to cost me an arm and a leg. One day when we were out walking we came home and by our dumster out back there was 2 dressers. One in great condition and one well not...We snatched up the good one and put it in our room. And seeing as the second one was going to just get trashed and grabbed an extra drawer. Cuz I saw exactly what I needed.

That drawer turned out to be just the right size to use as a shadow box for all of Kyra's stuff from the hospital. I was so excited I went right up stairs took the hardware off and put all her stuff in it just like I wanted it to look. And there it sat. I really wanted to get it done. But both time, and resources were lacking. Finally we were able to get a hot glue gun. But still this drawer sat in the closet out of sight out of mind. But just this last weekend I was in the spare room cleaning up as we are buying a new bed for our room and are going to move our old one in there for guests. And I was looking in the closet and much to my surprise was my project that had been left unfinished.

So today I was sitting around at nap time trying to think of something to do to entertain myself when....OH YEAH!!! I went in sat down with my glue gun and hammered it out. It only took me about 10 mins. I can't understand why all that time I had put it off. And it turned out so great!! At least I got it done before she turned 1. Something I can't say about her scrapbooks lol. But I am very proud of this one and friends who live around here will probably be excited to see it in person at her birthday party. But for now here are pictures of the final product.

And because I love everyone who continues to come back and read my page here is a Valentines Day surprise for you all!! Happy Valentines Day!!!


Sunday, February 10, 2013


    So I came into Insanity thinking after I did Asylum I would be able to go through this like a boss!! But than I was slapped with reality when I came to find out that Insanity is 90% cardio where Asylum is more about toning!! I have to say that I am still really out of shape no matter how much I think I have improved. But the cardio has been awesome to my body I measured myself this week and I like what I saw I have lost:

.75 inch on chest
1.25 on my waist
.5 on my hips
and 1.25 off each thigh

Turns out Cardio does burn off fat!! That is a total of 5 inches in a week. I mean HELLO that is freaking awesome. Just what I needed to kick it back into gear this coming week :D And I am down from 35% Body Fat to 33% according to Army standards :D

Here is a progress picture from End of December to today!! Look at them love handles melt away!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Fit Test Results Day 1!!

Here are the results for my day 1 Fit Test!!  We have 2 weeks before I do it again and I want to see those numbers going up!!! I think I lack in Cardio and hopefully Insanity will get me there!

Switch Kicks:50
Power Jacks:47
Power Knees:81
Power Jumps:25
Globe Jumps:9
Suicide Jumps:9
Push up Jacks:19 
Low Plank Oblique:42

I think that I did really good this week :) This is the best way to push myself to see the numbers and know next time I need to do just a few more!! And I know I will get there eventually!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pump up the volume

   So I took a week off from doing Asylum, and I have to say I have never felt so lazy since the first day I turned on the workout video. I did go to the gym 2 times and ran a mile both times, and was doing Pilates and other like workouts off of youtube. But was NOT feeling accomplished like I had pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I don't think you can really get more in shape, or loose inches if you are doing what comes easy.

   With that being said. I got my hands on a copy of the Original Insanity videos. So starting tomorrow Monday, February 3, 2013 I am going to start 60 days of Insanity. With hopes that by April 5, 2013 I will be in such great shape that when I go to do The Asylum again it will feel like nothing.

      I am going to set my goals, and get myself measured tonight and will update this blog with the number so that I can see "officially" where I started, and where I "ended." I will measure at both 30 days and 60 days! If this all works out and I keep up the 1 mile m-th also I can expect to be the happiest I have ever been in my skin!! And just in time for summer and swimsuits :D

      I was thinking about doing 2 a days aside from the running. But I think it is probably best if I just do 1 workout and 1 run. I don't want to over do it and either deprive my body of a chance to rest enough to advance, or end up injuring myself. I'm sure since Insanity has so much Cardio worked in vs. Asylum that I will be more than pleased with my results!!

L bicep:11.25
R bicep:11.5
L thigh:23.5
R thigh:23.5
L calf:13.75
R calf:14
BF %:35

My goals are: take my mile time down to 8 mins, loose inches from my waist and hips, and get my Body Fat under 33%


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Project 52: I dreamed a dream

      I am actually on time with this one :) I hadn't had a chance to take pictures of Kyra sleeping and what a great reason to do it!! She is just to adorbs. I had to use my Aperture setting again, as I didn't want to turn on a light or use the flash. YOU NEVER WANT TO WAKE A SLEEPING BABY!!! So I made due with what I had. I decided after I took it that this picture would just be more simple and adorable if I put it black and white!!

I love this little girl!!

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