Thursday, February 21, 2013

My closet post Frank Lee!!

      So as to prove I am not insane I got all the clothes in my house cleaned and put away than took to getting rid of stuff. I have a massive pile that my friends are coming to look through today. But yet some how I don't feel like I got rid of enough. Maybe I wasn't being Frank enough with myself about what I needed to keep. But for now it will help at least everything fit in the closet now, and the drawers aren't over filling!! The closet is kind of small so its good enough for now..I will probably get the urge to get rid of more later. I am going to do the backwards hanger thing and stuff I don't use by end of the summer. That isn't winter clothes. Will go in the fall.

Before the closet was stuffed full!

The dresser was unable to shut it was so full.

Not a huge difference but It is a start.

You can see the bottom of the drawer!!

All the clothes that are being given away!

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