Saturday, March 2, 2013

Butterfly Invitations

Time for another craft!! So as you all know Kyra is turning 1 later this month!! And of course that means we get to throw her first birthday party this year!!! So the search to find any and everything to follow our theme of butterflies was on. The first step of course was invitations. I had originally found the really cute ones, where using wire, paper and rubber bands you made little butterflies that when twisted would fly on their own. I was super excited about this, but than the paperclips I thought was going to work were to short, and thick. And I wasn't able to find the wire I wanted so there I was with no idea what I was going to do for invites.

Than my awesome friend Micah came up to spend a few days with us and helped me look up some new ideas. We found these really cute ones and with a little creativity we were able to pull them off.

Step 1: fold a piece of construction paper in half and draw the outline of one wing on it making sure the center is along the crease.

Step 2: cut out the wings

Step 3: using your creative mind set, apply glue and glitter to different places on the wings to get desired look.

Step 4: write up/design your actual invitations. We did two per sheet, and printed on regular paper so it would be easy to roll up.

Step 5: punch a hole somewhere in the center of the bottom part of the wing. and using yarn or any sort of string, tie the rolled up invitation to the butterfly. We initially did this on the outside of the wings so it would appear to be the body. But we found with the glitter the wings were too heavy and wouldn't stay where we wanted. So we decided it looked better to put the invitation on the inside and than use tape to hold the wings together!

We took a few days to do all this and so we were later getting them out than I had originally hoped. So we had to do an EVITE also so that friends would know the date and save it. But I am super excited to hand them out this weekend!! Hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial!

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