Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 2 Adventures!!

      Today was a really good day!! We started off with some fresh baked goodies from the Backrei down the street and were all happy and full!

      After trying to figure out how to get our car situation figured out, we were off to find my dad's old barracks. But they have been turned into offices and looked kind of different! So we tried to find somewhere to eat. And after driving around for a while we made our way to downtown and got a bite to eat at Joeys Pizzaria. We got one with steak and asparagus on it, YUMMY!!!

     Than we headed down the street to the Dom of Mainz, which is a very very beautiful building and also so a few statues type things along the way.


     With a short driving around intermission, Dad getting to drive in Germany again, and seeing a few little nearby towns. All while Kyra napped. We went home freshened up a little bit. And headed downtown to see the Wiesbaden Cathedral.

     We stopped at a random little restaurant for dinner, and got what seemed to be their specialty. It was Flambee. We each got a different type and were pleasantly surprised by what they were. And we ended up with 2 pizzaish foods in one day. A flambee is appearantly a very thin crust pizza with cream cheese type spread, and meat on top.

   Now as our day draws down, and we prepare for a very early morning and a long drive to see Dustin graduate from his class!!! One old man is falling asleep sitting on the couch and soon to be followed by the rest of us so we can be up and ready to go around 430 am.


Lots of picture to keep coming each day!! So stay tuned!!!

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