Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rhine RIver Cruise 2

      What a fun day we had, although we did manage to get out of the house a bit too late in order to make it in time to catch the all day cruise we were still able to get there in time for a the half day cruise. Which was probably for the better, as it gave us more time to browse afterwards, and not feel rushed. Also allowed for Kyra to not get too cranky.

      We took lots of pictures and had fun talking with all the other Americans that were on the boat. Specifically the New Jersey couple that were here visiting.

     Kyra was so happy and glad that we were traveling but she wasn't strapped in, and could run around on the boat! Also she was enjoying some fun time with her uncle, he was the main one she wanted to hold her!

After we were done on the cruise we got to do some shopping and stopped to get doners, that were NOT good. And to take a family picture in front of the Johannisburg sign.

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