Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Resolution Update

Alright so it has been over 2 months I figured that is long enough to do an update, and show how far we have come on our resolutions.

The resolution to be more positive: Well this is something really hard to keep up with and change. I think a lot of the problem is I am too sensitive and let things hurt my feelings that shouldn't. So this is and probably my whole life will remain something I have to work on.

The resolution to reach my goal weight by Kyra's birthday: We are only 13 days away and I am still a long ways out so that is clearly not going to be reached. But I feel like I have done a lot to improve my image and that although the scale doesn't show my progress I can physically tell I am getting to the point I want to be with my body.

The resolution to get our finances under control: This is the one I am most proud of. At the beginning of the year we had a loan from the Army, my student loan, and our car loan to worry about paying off. But once we got our tax money back we were able to pay off the army loan. And no longer have it worry about. We have money in our savings now too! We just paid a 750 dollar chunk on my student loan and now have it set up to automatically get paid each month. And we are also going to send them extra money once it gets sent back from the collection agency and back to the place we originally got the loan from. This one is something that has needed to be taken care of for like 5 years. And now I am proud to say, although it may not be this year, it will be paid off soon. And than what we are paying towards it will go to the car. And hopefully by the time we get out of the army in 2016 we will have no debt and just be working on our savings to buy our first house with!!

So I would say since it has only been 2 months that I am having a very successful year!! I can't wait to continue to see how our resolution progresses this year!!

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