Thursday, March 14, 2013

Project 52: Shadows

This is a couple days early but I have given up on them actually happening in a specific order. Some picture are harder than others to go out and do.

But yesterday after being snowed in the day before with over 8 inches of snow, we ventured out as the snow was melting away. Had to take advantage of the sunshine while we had it. While I was taking some super cute pictures of my doll playing in the snow. I noticed that our shadows were showing up great and remembered that one of the topics was shadows. So I took advantage.

I love this picture and I hope my sweet girl knows that no matter how big she is I will always be there for her!! I will hold her hand until the day I die. Although the weather has gone back to snowing yet again...I can look at this picture and day dream of the warm spring days that will someday come.

I really wish that I could get us both on the sidewalk so that the shadow was more distinct. That is really the only change I wish I could make....Well except maybe to have both mommy and daddy holding a hand. Maybe I will redo this when he gets back from his training!!

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