Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Guiding Light

      I was surprised to hear no one associate stars with Christmas. I suppose you stick that together with the Nativity Scene though. But when I think of the birth of Jesus I always think of the star that led the Shepard and the kings to the manger that night. And how it was the guiding light to show them their way to Christ the Savior! I love the idea of using stars to decorate during Christmas time to represent this.

      There are so many ways to use stars all over the house, but I found 2 different ones on Pinterest that seemed pretty easy to do. So I gathered the supplies and had Dustin help me make them to hang in a big empty space in the living room. The first was a simple paper cutting and folding type thing. I don't have the directions as the picture was in Japanese. But here is the picture. And our results!

The other one was more Oragami style. I love how these turned out and may do them for Kyra's Birthday party or the New Years Party as decoration.

Here are the directions for them. I feel bad posting this link as I feel like it should be linked back to someone's page but the link I found for them on Pinterest had a bad link so. This tutorial is NOT my doing. Here is the Directions and our results!!

And here are them all 4 hanging up in a big empty space!! I think they feel up the area that needed SOMETHING very well!!  I can't wait to take pictures on Christmas day of all the cool decorations our house has. I love that it is so Christmasy in here. Specially since our neighbors are coming up to have dinner up here that night!! Hope it will help put them in the Xmas mood!

My Tree even has a star!!! I got that at the Markets!!


  1. Very pretty! What a great way to add some festivity to a room!

    1. Thanks Kyra is very infatuated with them this morning lol since they weren't here when she went to bed she just keeps staring at them!

  2. I really like the stars! I was trying to decide what to put in our window to spruce up the living room and I think these are the winners! Now to find the time to make them!

  3. they really didn't take much time at all, after you do one half you can whip up the other side in mins, It was just a matter of figuring out how to do it the first time.