Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas card holder

        This is gonna be just a quick blog about the awesome craft that I did for you all today!! With my fridge currently playing frosty, I was at a loss for what I was gonna do with all the super cute Christmas cards we receive every year from friends and family around the world. I wanted to have somewhere to put them, that they would still get the attention they deserve. So I started searching for a cute way to display them. And I came across many ideas but this was the one that caught my attention as it will be the most likely to be used. This being said it can also be personalized for anyone that wants one.... So you have finally made it to my FIRST 25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS GIVE AWAY!!! One lucky blog reader will receive a homemade card holder free of charge from me!! And you will be able to pick what you want it to say, and look like.

I made ours say Merry Christmas in Hawaiian!!

You can use clothes pins, or paper clips to hang your pictures to the ribbon
 In order to win you must comment on either this blog, or if you are unable to do that you must comment on the link that I posted on Facebook that led you here with your answer to my question below. Than at 8pm my time I will write stop on both comment sections so you know if you have missed the cut off. And from the people who have commented I will put your names in alphabetical order by first name. Than go on and put in the amount of people and allow it to randomly pick the winner. I will take pictures of each step to prove that it was done fair also. And will announce the winner on the next blog!!!

If you are not the winner I will also be making these to sale for 5 dollars each with 3 dollars for shipping. Unless your local than that fee will be waived. But I will need to know about these orders by the 10th in order to have them done quickly and out to be used. Sooner the better!!

I am so excited about Christmas and can't wait for it to finally get here, but the countdown and all the snow sure make the season that much more fun!!!

What is your favorite Christmas Tradition?

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  1. Stop....I even gave everyone 2 hours longer!!! There was only one entry and thus only one winner!!!