Sunday, December 2, 2012

Snow all around


        This couldn't have worked out any better. I made the list of what I was doing each day over a week ago. And the timing of our first snow storm came the day before my blog about our top 5 things to do in the snow!!! It got me even more inspired!! Plus this was Dustin and I's first snow in over 3 years since we lived in Hawaii. I think he saw some snow in Iraq but nothing too much to account for. And this was Kyra's first ever snow...So of course I woke him up early when it was still coming down and drug him out into it with her and I :)

       So as I stated above I am gonna talk about our 5 favorite things to do in the snow!!!!!

1. Snow angels.

My roommate and I woke up middle of the night first snow in college and did snow angels!!!

        Who doesn't just get the sudden urge to roll around in the fluffy white stuff? It just looks like a big comfy bed. And of course this may only last a few mins as we find out it wasn't a great idea now that our cheeks are frozen solid.

2. Snowmen

Kyra seemed confused by this large white thing beside her!! They kinda match tho!

My snowman obsession continues to shine through!!! This is always so much fun to do, there were kids all around our neighborhood up early this morning making these great sculptures in front of their homes!!! Hey it makes the snow last longer too, Try to melt that silly high 30's weather gonna take you a while!!!

3. Snowball Fights

This is always fun and brings out the kid in even the oldest people...It is like the ultimate game of dodge ball, and no one ever feels guilty about hitting someone else with a snow ball. It is genuinely the most violent game you can get away with smashing something in someones face and laughing. And no one gets offended...It's just snow!!

4. Sledding

My mom pulling my nephew in Colorado!!
I can't wait til we find a sled and are able to take Kyra sledding even if it is on flat surface and we are just pulling her she will be super excited I am sure!! But I love the kind where you are flying down a hill hoping you aren't about to hit a tree kind of sledding lol. Its like a winter roller coaster ride!!

and finally 5. Snowboarding/skiing

I have no picture for this because the last time I was on ski's I was probably like 14 and I loved it but never have anyone to go with everyone else snowboards. So Dustin is going to teach me to snowboard sometime while we live here in Germany should be a very interesting experience!!!

Well that is my top 5 glad you are all sticking with me for my 25 days of Christmas fun stayed tuned for tomorrows blog about Christmas Cards it's gonna be worth it. There will be a give away included.

So what are your favorite things to do in the snow?

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