Friday, December 21, 2012

More Snowmen!!

      It's the final give away day. I hate to say this but it's gonna be for local people here in Wiesbaden just for the fact it would be difficult to ship without the treats going stale.


     On Pinterest my favorite craft ideas are those of things that are being up-cycled to make something new. I had seen some snowmen made out of similar things to the puffs container I chose to use like coffee creamer bottles. But I decided since we go through puffs like its no ones buisness around here it would be easiest for me to obtain enough of these to give to neighbors and friends by Christmas time.

        This craft was so simple it doesn't even need a tutorial. Find a snowman shaped container that is already white or that you can paint white. Than paint on eyes, mouth, nose, buttons, and tie on a scarf!!! They turned out super cute!!!

      To win this prize today, of a snow man filled with the treats I make tomorrow, you need to comment on this post or on the link on Facebook with your letter to Santa. Winner will be chosen at random again. So lets see those letters, I know its been years since you wrote one so be creative.

They remind me of bowling pins!!


  1. Super cute! I'm gonna have to try these since Becca just started to eat puffs. As for the Santa letter I haven't done one of these in a really really long time. It'll prob sound dumb but here goes.

    Dear Santa,
    It's been a long time buddy. Hope you and Mrs. Claus are doing swell this Christmas. There isn't a whole lot that I need this year just plenty of family time and nice chats with friends. I do hope that Becca gets lots of toys to play with but I'm sure you already have that covered. If I had to ask for one gift it would probably be a good romance novel or movie with some tea and scones. Pretty much my regular thing but it rocks. Well that's all for now. See you again next year.

    1. You are adorable. And I think a romantic movie, scones and tea sounds like a fabulous time for next time you visit!!!

  2. Haha! Jacob eats tons of those and that is a cute idea!