Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent Calender with a twist


        As is tradition specifically here in Germany I love to have advent calenders to count down the days til Christ was born. Or well at least until the day we celebrate his birth as I have been informed he was actually born in the summer or something who really knows...

       But at least this year as Kyra is really to young to understand counting down (she is still frankly a bit confused as to why there is a tree in her living room) I love the 25 days of Random acts of kindness advents also but think I will wait til she is about 4-5 to do that as she will find it more rewarding when she truly understands what it means to give. So I thought I would make the advent something special for my husband and a little bit for me :P

       This too was another Pinterest inspired craft as you will find a lot of the crafts I do on here are. And I am gonna just go ahead and site the source because frankly she put a lot more effort into hers than I did and it looks much prettier.

      But mine really only needed to be a simple thing because to me it was the words written that mattered in the long run and this way he can simply tear out a page each day to expose the next days blessing.

      I simply started by folding 6 pieces of paper in half hamburger style lol. Than cut them. Than folded those in half also and cut there to make little squares of paper to make a little book out of. I than picked a Christmas Card to use as the cover of this little book :) I love snowmans as you will come to notice so He got a snowman card!!!!

         Now you simply punch a couple holes into the card and through all 25 pieces of paper!!  And use ribbon to hold them all together!! I trimmed the paper to better fit within the card so it looked more put together!

Little sloppy don't mind this I ended up going in and trimming the edges to look less rough.
        After the book is all together I started on the cover page by writing a simple little instructions of how to use the book. Even though its pretty self explanatory!

       On the pages I put 3 different types of things first was just little complements and sayings about either Christmas or about him :)

       The next type of page was a coupon page which is things he can keep and use when he would like to, of things that I know he likes to do and I will do with him or let him do with out any arguement.

       And the final types that I did were fun winter activities to do together or as a family at some point during the day!! 

This is bound to be a very rewarding way to celebrate the Christmas season and hopefully be a fun way to make new memories together!! How does your family count down the days to Christmas? Would love to hear your feedback in the comments below!!!


  1. We're making a chain this year so preston can tear off a link each day!