Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sing your little heart out!!

     First thing first the winner of yesterday's give away was Mari Salazar!!! I was glad to see a lot more participation this go round, there will be 2 more give away blogs in the future so continue to stop by and read :) Here are the picture proofs to keep it fair :)

       I hope she is singing for joy when she wakes up this morning and finds out she won!!! Bet she could use some glitter in her home today! Speaking of singing, today we are talking about CHRISTMAS CAROLS....or just Christmas songs lol.

      I love to listen to Christmas music...I say this but I mean it has to be in moderation. Lol because anyone who has ever worked an entire holiday season in retail knows just as well as I do that if you over do it, you never wanna hear a Christmas song again. I even caught myself singing those songs when I didn't know I was doing it. Or in the case of working at Coldstone I recall a coworker of mine *cough Kendra cough* and I even making up songs to sing to our customers for tips lol.

     But here is my list of top 10 Christmas songs I love to hear each year

1.Blue Christmas: Elvis Presley (who doesn't just love to hear the king sing!!!

2. Winter Wonderland: Sang by anyone
3.Feliz Navidad: Jose Feliciano
4.Christmas Shoes:NewSong ( this one gets me crying every darn time I hear it)
5.Let it snow: Sang by anyone
6. I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas: Gayla Peevey ( what a funny song this is)
7.Carol of the bells: I love this one done by all kinds of artists. Am a HUGE fan of the basketball version this year, SO COOL!
8. Silent Night: It is just a beautiful song and so calming. The true meaning of Christmas
9.White Christmas : Bing Crosby ( love to hear him sing)
10. This Gift: 98 Degrees (lol okay that may date me a bit but my sister and I loved to listen to their Christmas Album when it first cam out and I loved this song)

Well now you know my Favorites, so what are yours?


  1. O holy night and the prayer both sung by Celine dion or anything christmasy by Josh groban! And the retail thing is so true. They play the same songs on a loop at payless. They have a couple christmas songs by shedaisy that I dont mind!

    1. Bahahaha I used to have that whole cd, i like their song santa has a brand new bag