Saturday, February 27, 2016

30 day detox: Days 9 and 10

So today we decided to make our one day a week where we have a cheat meal. I got fish tacos and Dustin got a burrito bowl...haha both ended up being from the healthier choices on the menu but sounded so good. Our real cheat was the chips and quest before hand. We didn't even have soda or dessert!! I was actually really proud of us for being able to "cheat" but still be reasonable!! 

I still managed to get my 8000 steps today, even tho I thought I was far less active than I was. 

Today was a little rough for us over all, we got s super late start to our day, and didn't eat exceptionally well throughout the day!! We did get lots of walking done at IKEA, and had a very protein packed dinner!! 

Friday, February 26, 2016

30 Day Detox: Day 8

So today was an interesting day!! I made it my ultimate goal to reach my step goal, and it took a long walk pushing the double stroller to do it!! But either way I reached my goal and then some!! Today we tried Almond butter and it's rather tasty, idk why we hadn't tried it before, Dustin and I are really enjoying trying new things out and all the things that are good for you but still taste really good!!

After a busy long day, I cleaned my entire house today!! I wasn't really in the mood to clean anymore. So we went out for dinner. We had heard of this healthy food place across town so we headed out, however we were disappointed to find out it's more of a food prep service then a place to we left and stopped at Firehouse subs where we grabbed 500 calorie subs. I love their subs so tasty!! And came home and had a protein shake to fill us the rest of the way up!! 

We are planning on having a very active and enjoyable weekend, and we are also going to indulge in our first cheat meal, which freaks me out a little even tho I know one meal won't make or break you.

We are going to do a more strict diet starting Monday but just for 3 days, it's gonna be the hardest part, and it's just as the final push before Dustin gets taped Thursday!! Hopefully it will help him...we shall see come Thursday!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

30 day detox: Day 7

Wow one week down. No cheats, okay I lied I ate one Jelly bean. But really that doesn't count. We are doing great, Dustin still has the hardest time with craving junk food, but he does better with workouts since he is required to at work.

So today is week one update on progress but I am just going to keep it very simple, all together between the two of us we lost 6.6 lbs and 3.25 inches week 1. With Dustin loosing most the weight and me loosing most the inches. So there has been. Progress and I look forward to seeing next weeks loses!! And to finish all 30 days and start looking towards gains in certain areas!! 

So far so good!! Will keep you updated on any challenges we have as we go!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

30 day detox: Day 6

Oh man we are almost a week in and I don't want to ever look back. Sure some fast food snacks sound amazing!! And we have concluded one cheat MEAL, not day, will happen once a week. One meal won't break us, just like one day of workouts won't make you fit.

Last night we did some yoga to stretch out after leg day and still get our heart rates up a bit!! After our workout we sat and drank water and talked. Dustin is really happy with the progress and the fact he really cares about eating healthier this go around. I'm loving the variety when it comes to cooking meals getting to try new things!!

Tonight is my favorite thing to workout, because I have seen the most progress on arms!!

Can't wait for them to get even bigger!! And for my core and legs to catch up more, I used to love my abs so one day I will get back there.

Tomorrow without telling you where we started I will tell you how much inches and lbs we lost!! Maybe share progress pictures if they are worth sharing!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Planner and Dollar Tree Haul

As you all know I love my planner!! So I get to spend little bits of money here and there on it!! I bought these birthday weekly stickers from Jump To It on Etsy and was super pleased with it!! I did Darren's Birthday week with the left one, and it's one of my favorite spreads this year!!!

And then we both got a little spending money from our tax returns and obviously I needed to stock up on a few stickers as my recent layout have been looking pretty sad. So I grabbed these from Sensibly Cute Planning on Etsy!! I ordered one set from her back in December and had to have more!! If you love planner stickers and planners as much as me you need to follow me on IG I will be doing some amazing spreads with these stickers in March!!

Today I snuck out during lunch just to get a few mins of alone time and cuz we needed some basics, not pictured below...from Dollar Tree like dish soap and sponges. And than as usual I browsed the whole store to see what new stuff they had put out!! And was pleased!!!

I got a few stickers for my planner, the leprechauns are adorable!! Stickers for Kyra's bathroom Mirror we put new ones up each holiday and missed out on Valentine's Day and so I got spring/Easter ones!!!
After a few days of spring like weather it's windy and chilly today so I grabbed some finger paint and brushes for us to do something crafty whenever Darren gets up from nap, I'm thinking about letting them pain themselves and the bathtub, and than to wash them off!! 

So recently Kyra stole my hair brush and made it her own, I giggle because we totally did this to our mom all the time. So I got her a pink brush and a few spring colored headbands!! I also grabbed myself a lacy headband too! And while in that aisle I saw a few things in the makeup section I needed to try. A BB cream (which I already tried and kinda hate :(), a nail polish that's my favorite color, and this eyeshadow pallet. I was nervous about the eyeshadow as well its dollar store stuff...but I got it home and did a sample of it on my arm and the colors were amazing!! So I used it right away and it blends amazing!! So if you want something cheap find this pallet there was 3 options!!

Something I was surprised to find was yoga workout videos I hope they are good!! I can't wait I have been super into Yoga lately!! And that teal water bottle is the cutest thing ever!!! 

Well that's mostly everything, some simple storage, a toy, some treats for everyone dogs included, and then some chalk and a beautiful scarf for my studio!! Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Dollar Tree if not now I have!!

30 day detox: Day 5

So loving clean eating with Dustin actually being involved!! He is enjoying it as much as I am!! We had the yummiest Salmon and veggies for dinner last night!! And then powered through a quick legs day HIIT!! It was fast but painful!! And we ended the night with some protein shakes made with skim milk and ice and bananas!! It was really filling and tasty!!

And we have kept up with the breakfast first thing in the morning this morning we had Egg and Avacado Sandwiches they were so good!

Lunch we made smoothies and now it's almost time for a protein filled snack!! I'm thinking peanut butter and honey sandwiches!! Having a rough day with exercise because it's crazy windy out!! But went to the store and found a couple yoga videos to try out!! So that is the workout for today!! 

I didn't think kicking the junk to the curb would be so easy!!! Chicken Chili for dinner tonight!!

Monday, February 22, 2016

30 day detox: day 4

Another day almost in the books!! Love clean eating. About to take the kids on a walk, and come back and make a smoothie to share!! Been making sure to go on at least one walk a day!! Tonight is all about legs ready to feel the burn and burn some extra calories tonight!! 

So I haven't lost much weight yet but it's early. However I feel so much less bloated every night so that's a plus!! Dustin has been seeing so great results and is really happy!! 

My goal is to really get my water consumption up to par!! 4-5 cups a day isn't doing the job...I should be closer to 12-16!! 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Taco Stuffed Bell Peppers

So I mentioned this earlier in the blog and posted a picture on Instagram and Facebook, but I think it's deserving of a recipe post as we loved them!! So I want to keep the recipe for me too!!


1lb ground meat (we prefer ground turkey)
Bell Peppers this could easily fill 4 but we just did 2.
1 onion (diced)
1 can of black beans
Mexican cheese, or cheddar (shredded)
Taco seasoning 

We did salsa and sour cream, but you could do Guacamole or Pica de Gallo or whatever your preference is!!


Cut the tops off your peppers and pull the insides out!! You can fill your peppers this way or split in half like we did.

Bake just the peppers at 400* for 15 mins.

Cook ground meat until almost done, then add taco seasoning and continue cooking until finished.

Add diced onion, cook until soft.

Add black beans undrained, and continue to cook until they are warm!!

Right at the end add a handful of cheese.

Spoon meat mixture into bell peppers, top with cheese, and bake for an additional 5-10 mins until cheese is melted down!

Serve with topping of choice and enjoy!! 

30 day detox: Day 3

So proud of us today!! We are making better food choices and I can already tell how much happier my body is. I decided to go back to drinking my detox tea rather than the pills today because I didn't wanna feel awful during my newborn session!! 

We went grocery shopping and I'm proud to say most of our groceries are either produce or meat!! It's turning out great!! We had taco stuffed bell peppers!! I'm gonna probably post a recipe tonight too!!

But we managed to go without any sugar packed snacks, fast food (we were tempted to before grocery shopping but opted for lunch options at Applebee's and kept our meals in the healthy section) or sodas!! So far we are really enjoying letting our bodies get back to healthy eating, can't wait to see what other fun recipes we try out this month!! If they are winners we will share them!!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

30 day detox: day 2

So yeah, I was up a lot last night with pain, I don't think that this detox thing is gonna last long. It's seriously painful. I am all about the no fast food, soda and far less sugar part tho. And still gonna stick to 5 meals a day as often as possible!! Oh and of course water, lots of water, actually think I'm gonna buy some lemons so I can start each day with Lemon Water!!

I plan to continue to take the detox pills but only one a day, the metabolism booster made me feel terrible tho, way too much caffeine. I hate that I'm kinda quitting on only day 2. I don't know how people make it through the whole thing!! We are gonna focus more on including veggies as a primary nutrition source!! And I'm gonna find ways to get my heart rate up once a day!! Hopefully either way I'll be making progress!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

30 day detox: Day 1

So I am tired of feeling sluggish, bloated, and just over all kinda crappy. Working out helps to an extent. Cutting out soda was a good idea. Drinking more water sure didn't hurt my body any. But still I ended up feeling bloated more often than I liked.

So after discussing it with Dustin we are taking on a new journey. He asked I dot share this on my Facebook, so it will only be discussed here and Twitter where only close friends will be following along. Starting today we are cutting out any fast food, along with majorly processed foods, and we both went to Complete Nutrition and worked out what we needed to really start feeling better!!

We both wanna trim down and start putting on muscles by lifting together!! They hooked us up with starting out on a detox together. They suggested that it would give us a boost start to reaching our goals, gotta get rid of the bad in our body rather than just putting I good.

So this is day one on our supplements; I got The Slim Kit for her by Muscle Sports. So far I take the detox pills before bed, and the metabolism booster in the morning. They are all natural supplement and don't require any drastic dieting. Rather we are adding meals, increasing veggie and protein intake, and lots more water.

So how do I feel day 1? Gross. As my body loosens up the toxins that have been settled into my system they seem to come in waves of feeling nauseated and feeling great!! I defiantly slept better last night which is great!! But have had points today i was sure I was going to die and wanted to quit already!! But I'm gonna give it the benefit and push through!! Will check back in tomorrow!! If you found this and wanna keep following. Just click the follow button and I think you can get emails when I post blogs. Also find me on Twitter I check in at least once a day!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Kon Marie Declutter series: Nailpolish

This was a quick one I wanted to do with makeup but never got around to!! And isn't a fully representative of all of my Nailpolish as I gave Kyra a bunch too!! 

But still feels nice to see things go!!


After: left going, right keeping.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Darren's cake smash!!

If you are friends with me on Facebook, which lets face it most of you are!! You probably have already seen these pictures!! But in my usual style mostly because I love having this blog to look back on, I'm gonna dump the pictures here too!  I mean he is just adorable!!

Darren Before!!

 Cake Before!!

 He was a little hesitant at first!!!

 And then he wasn't!!!
 Look of a 1 year old who LOVES cake!!!
 Maybe I could just stick my face in!!!

 You are funny mom I am gonna come get you!!!
 Oh shoot I knocked my cake over....
 What do I even do now?

 Sister had to help make him messy!!
 Baby After!!
Cake after!!