Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Planner and Dollar Tree Haul

As you all know I love my planner!! So I get to spend little bits of money here and there on it!! I bought these birthday weekly stickers from Jump To It on Etsy and was super pleased with it!! I did Darren's Birthday week with the left one, and it's one of my favorite spreads this year!!!

And then we both got a little spending money from our tax returns and obviously I needed to stock up on a few stickers as my recent layout have been looking pretty sad. So I grabbed these from Sensibly Cute Planning on Etsy!! I ordered one set from her back in December and had to have more!! If you love planner stickers and planners as much as me you need to follow me on IG I will be doing some amazing spreads with these stickers in March!!

Today I snuck out during lunch just to get a few mins of alone time and cuz we needed some basics, not pictured below...from Dollar Tree like dish soap and sponges. And than as usual I browsed the whole store to see what new stuff they had put out!! And was pleased!!!

I got a few stickers for my planner, the leprechauns are adorable!! Stickers for Kyra's bathroom Mirror we put new ones up each holiday and missed out on Valentine's Day and so I got spring/Easter ones!!!
After a few days of spring like weather it's windy and chilly today so I grabbed some finger paint and brushes for us to do something crafty whenever Darren gets up from nap, I'm thinking about letting them pain themselves and the bathtub, and than to wash them off!! 

So recently Kyra stole my hair brush and made it her own, I giggle because we totally did this to our mom all the time. So I got her a pink brush and a few spring colored headbands!! I also grabbed myself a lacy headband too! And while in that aisle I saw a few things in the makeup section I needed to try. A BB cream (which I already tried and kinda hate :(), a nail polish that's my favorite color, and this eyeshadow pallet. I was nervous about the eyeshadow as well its dollar store stuff...but I got it home and did a sample of it on my arm and the colors were amazing!! So I used it right away and it blends amazing!! So if you want something cheap find this pallet there was 3 options!!

Something I was surprised to find was yoga workout videos I hope they are good!! I can't wait I have been super into Yoga lately!! And that teal water bottle is the cutest thing ever!!! 

Well that's mostly everything, some simple storage, a toy, some treats for everyone dogs included, and then some chalk and a beautiful scarf for my studio!! Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Dollar Tree if not now I have!!

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