Monday, January 27, 2014

Lurhuma family photos

Alright alright, I admit it has been almost a month since I did this photo shoot. I have been busy but also trying to cut down computer time when Kyra is awake and working on Preschool activities and potty training instead.

But I did this family shoot last min and with on and off rain. But I knew that my friends wanted photos done before their grandparents headed home from the holiday break. So we got it all together and headed downtown to one of my favorite parks!

Evelyn's family is just to sweet and were very good sports about taking pictures with and without their coats in the cold rain!!

Those of you who follow me on Moment in Paradise Photography have seen these pictures, but I am including a few others from the shoot here today :D


I really hope that I will be able to work this family again. They were so funny, they had me laughing the whole time!! Families like this are what make me love doing photography!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Creative 52: Week 3

This is my first attempt at a composition using a photo editing software. Its not something super cool and detailed it is just an idea I had.

We had to stop on the free way to get this picture because snow has been so super scarce here in Germany this winter. I don't think that we will really be getting any :(

Eppstein Castle

Alright I am a month late with this post, and I have no idea why I put off posting it, because it was such a fun town! And I am making Dustin go back there with me and Kyra next month!

Eppstein is a really small town about 15 mins away from where we live. Dustin and I have driven by it a few times and thought it had such an adorable feel about it. So when Erica and I saw they had a Christmas Market we were on the ball to get there. After a little hassle figuring out where to park, we walked up into the little town. The Market itself was a bit small, and almost entirely food stands. Which trust me is NOT a bad thing!! With it being so small, it wasn't nearly as busy as many markets toward the end of the season often are.

We wandered throughout he market, picked up a couple gifts. Than we decided it was time to devour some food. Kyra and I tried this noodle and kraut thing and were extremely pleased. Hence the recipe I shared just last week, and is now a staple in our home. And of course we drank plenty of gluhwein! And Erica and I tried a shot of their local liqueur that, let me tell you warms you all the way through.

After a little more wandering we decided to check out the castle that had been looming over the market from above. Although we ended up taking the wrong route and ended up at a playground instead, we managed to make it to the actual castle. The views of the town and down the valley were very beautiful!! But from the bottom of the castle was not enough. And the super tall tower was just calling our name. So we gathered up our stuff and headed up the really narrow spiral staircase that was crowded with people going up and down, which is dramatically more difficult with a toddler on your hip!!

The top of the tower was amazing!! And even though I'm a sissy about heights when I'm with kyra Erica lifted her onto the edge so she could look out at the view too. And I'm glad she did so I could get the great picture. Than on few we had admired the view for a while we headed back down. As soon as we got to the bottom and I set Kyra down, I realized at some point I had lost my wallet. I had to go all the way back to the top again, but luckily an old lady had grabbed it and was holding on to it. And even made me do an ID check before giving me my wallet back!!

After this adventure we went back into town!! Where we wandered down an alley that people were going into, and were super pleased to find a real life nativity scenes set up in a small barn. Kyra was excited to pet the cow and donkey. Than after one more snack, we were all ready to go home after our super fun adventure. Can't wait to go back!!!