Monday, January 27, 2014

Lurhuma family photos

Alright alright, I admit it has been almost a month since I did this photo shoot. I have been busy but also trying to cut down computer time when Kyra is awake and working on Preschool activities and potty training instead.

But I did this family shoot last min and with on and off rain. But I knew that my friends wanted photos done before their grandparents headed home from the holiday break. So we got it all together and headed downtown to one of my favorite parks!

Evelyn's family is just to sweet and were very good sports about taking pictures with and without their coats in the cold rain!!

Those of you who follow me on Moment in Paradise Photography have seen these pictures, but I am including a few others from the shoot here today :D


I really hope that I will be able to work this family again. They were so funny, they had me laughing the whole time!! Families like this are what make me love doing photography!!

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